I smell a rat

I don’t know what Deputy Minister Tracy Mutinhiri did to warrant the treatment she’s getting at the hands of The Party, but something doesn’t seem right. The ex-wife of Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri is seeing fire, and it seems like she could be “recalled”.

I’ve tried to follow this story, cos I’m a pretty curious bugger especially when it comes to stories of the revolution eating its own. Some of it doesn’t make sense, though. The main problem is reliable sources, but reading today’s report on the matter in The Herald is doubly confusing.

One witness claimed that Cde Mutinhiri had arranged poultry projects for youths and women in the constituency to drum up her support.

She was also accused of abandoning the constituency.

Well now, “Sydney Kawadza Assistant Political Editor”, can you explain exactly how someone initiated projects in one breath, and then abandoned her constituency in the next? Please, get your thoughts in order.

In other general news (pun!) Solomon Mujuru apparently burnt to death in his farmhouse early this morning. I didn’t know the man, or much about him, but hey, nobody deserves to fecking BURN to death.

I wonder what started the fire? And who will be blamed for it.

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  1. Unfortunately we may never know the full story which will only fuel the conspiracy theories out there. Some of the ones circulating are already quite wild, there is no respect for the dead.

  2. Tell me this is a typo.


    Cde Gumbo said: “We have lost a resolute, gallant and committed cadre who contributed innocuously to the liberation struggle and to the economy of Zimbabwe. He was a farmer and businessman.

    “This loss is not only to the Mujuru family but also to the party and nation as a whole. We will miss his contribution in the Politburo.”


    innocuous (comparative more innocuous, superlative most innocuous)

    Harmless; producing no ill effect. ?[quotations ?]
    Inoffensive; unprovocative; not exceptional. ?[quotations ?]

  3. eish, this language is borrowed. Maybe his lexicon includes innocuously as a synonym for enormously.

  4. You know what? I even tried typing it in my iPhone to see if “immensely” would autocorrect to “innocuously” …

    I don’t understand it, it really did come with boat!

  5. i liked rex nhongo. flippin awesome and decent bloke. burnt after death is what i’m sayin – if anyone’s askin me. we need some muthafuckin CSI to clear this shit up – and i hear the family’s doing just that. good.

    @beezy – yes, i know, im here now hence the change.

    @Tara – hey 😉

  6. @Tara

    assuming he is capable of taking the piss. Im more inclined to think he thought he was being clever and definitely (not) innocuous.

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