If you smoke like I smoke

Liverpool lost to Chelsea in the Premiership. Big deal. France lost to Scotland. Bloody hell. So I thought my weekend was crap, until I went down to 2nd Street Extension to grab a pizza.

There I was, twiddling me thumbs waiting for the (twenty-minute) order, when I spied this chick parked across from me, sitting in her car, chilling. And I thought, hmmm, ola mami. She starts running a piece of paper across her toungue, and I think what the hell, then she leans down for a little bit, comes back up, opens her car door and blows a thick stream of white smoke out!

Damn! She’s smoking weed! Right here in the car park, she’s rolled a joint and she’s puffing on that sucker like she’s Charlie the ChooChoo!!! And I tell ya, this chick was cool as you like, sitting there puffing on that endo smoke, and I just couldn’t believe it. This is the kinda girl you’d expect to see running around after some big exec, taking notes, collecting bizniss cards, taking phone calls and such. Or some accountant in a large firm, you know, she looked…..ordinary.

It blew my mind, really, and I was still confused as I left Pizza Inn with my order and she passed me on the way in. Looking a little wobbly, of course, but who could blame her? This roach was thick y’all, and she was sucking that thing that like the best porn actresses could ever hope to do.

What’s the world coming to?

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