Another brick in the road

So there’s another week gone by, zooming past with the speed of three dogs (spidhi yembwa nhatu). What did I accomplish? F-all, really.

My net is still down, that’s why I’ve been struggling to post. I could have done the icafe thing, but bugger it I been lazy. Nothing of consequence has happened this week, of course, nothing ever does when a brother is broke.

Except that Liverpool lost again. To Charlton Athletic. I mean, come on lads. Have you no shame? Should ask meself that really, considering I’m still a fan. Point to ponder. Yeah, watched a lot of telly, saw that Nigeria and Senegal both suck ass and Mido is a knob, Oz rule cricket (still) and the Proteas suck (still).

Thank goodness the rugby’s back, Super 14 began this morning thank goodness. Tana Umaga is finished and that new Blues flyhalf is a god. I look forward to a lot of misspent weekend mornings and evenings cuddling greens and cheering on my Stormers, who also look like they’ll suck (still).

Another brick lain in the road of life, another dump left on the pavement. And if you don’t get that, you’re dumb.