I’ll never drink again (again)

Man oh man oh man oh man.

The beauty of staying in with the woman you love on a Friday night is the look of agony on everyone else’s faces on Saturday afternoon. The way my people are drinking on Fridays, it’s always funny to see hurt faces when you’re fresh and good to go.

Problem with that is it takes just a couple of beers to get you tipsy, and it’s downhill from there. You find yourself posted up outside the Keg & Sable all afternoon, then hook up with Her and go to your mate’s birthday party, and after she leaves you to your own devices you round up the lads and hit the Kebab Center, then the Irish Pub, then Arundel Spar for a breakfast beer.

You finally get home at seven on Sunday morning and wonder what the hell happened? Fortunately She’ll be there to feed your hungover ass and hold you till it all feels better, the lights come back on and life is beautiful again.

Just another weekend in Africa, then.

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  1. dude spent the weekend at home – what a pleasure. had a few beers watching the liverpool game, because you have to. liverpool games should come with a public health warning.

    rugby was decent – sevens and six nations. super 14 on friday. yes i have temporarily lost the caps lock and shift keys.

    jb you are a drunk. if you went to meetings you would be an alcomaholic

  2. Sounds nice, I prefer to be in-house myself, but only if I have the right sort of company. 😉

    If you were to call me an alcomaholic, you’d have to brand a large swathe through our common acquaintances!

  3. imo saturday is the day u recover from friday eve… sunday the day you recover from sat eve and monday’s well that’s just always hell don’t matter if u go out or not.

    Oh Bdaddy did u not know that the reds have a knack of causing heart attacks, ulcer’s n all sorts of other stress related ailments… i love em to bits but they can be a bit too much at times

  4. DHL and BD, you thing you have it bad? Try being an Arsenal fan. You ever seen those guys? There are those teams that always expect to lose and are used to it (Sunderland). And then those used to winning (e.g. ManU). But with Arsenal, they never know what to expect. It can go either way with that lot. That means serious anxiety problems.

  5. thats what makes it fun to support Arsenal- you just never know. and JB if she’s there to feed ya after you came home at 7am you’re lucky sod.

  6. Who said she’s there waiting to feed you at 7am? Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be married or have live-in ladies, ek se. She’s sweet enough to come over after desperate (and hungover) pleas for sustenance, so I guess I am the luckiest sod there is 🙂

  7. overheard today – Liverpool is like a chick who gives you blow just as you have decided to walk out and leave her

  8. J Beezy- just blocked a trojan virus (Adlicker somethin…) as i was opening this site – what a gwan DUDE!!!!????

  9. Ehm, no. Your computer is drunk, there are no Trojans on my site. There are no binary files to download anywhere in my code, and we’re very well protected.

    Check out your own shit, maybe your browser’s been hijacked.

  10. J Beezy, had the same thing happen to me this morning. The looks those IT guys give leave a lot to be desired. They look at you the way a prison guard looks at a new inmate insisting he dindint do it. You sure your house is clean? You could have missed something. It being a trojan and all. Sort it out Son!

  11. J Beezy
    I hope you right, but, consider;
    I sent that post from work. The first instance got cleared as the site was loading, and the second as my post was going through.
    Im at the crib now and my antivirus has just blocked “multiple viruses” as this site was loading.
    I dont know my IT from ET but I dont think its a coincidence that symantec at work busted viruses on opening your site alone (from the other sites) and then at the crib BitDefender busts viruses as im loading this site only and not the other dodgy sites i frequent(…oops)…

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