A fool and his money

Roman Abramovich calls Chelsea Football Club a “project”, an undertaking that’s been jeopardised by one Luiz Felipe Scolari. So he’s fired him.

The best football coach in the world. After seven months.

They brought him in to rescue that club from the disaster that was Toad of Toad Hall (aka Avram Grant) and promised him money and time to build the squad in his own image. Not so much.

You have to wonder exactly what Chelsea are trying to achieve; you don’t get a new manager in and ask him to start winning things immediately. You don’t recruit someone like Felipão and treat him like your run-of-the-mill Souness or Curbushley or Allardyce.

Has to make you wonder, with people like Rijkaard and Mancini being touted to replace Big Phil, what kinda idiot would take this job? Oh, the money you say?

Right. Big Phil leaves with  £7.5m. That’s okay then.

3 Replies to “A fool and his money”

  1. Even if he aint ‘The best football coach in the world’ Gosh, you lot like to live dangerously! Don’t complain when ManU makes you her toy (Was gonna use BITCH but I figure I don’t wanna be encouraging sexist behaviour).

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