Inclusive government rhetoric

What the hell is this man on about? It appears Giles Mutsekwa, the MDC-T’s “co-Minister” of Home Affairs, has been drinking the water.

In his address to the 78th General Assembly of the International Criminal Police Organisation in Singapore yesterday, Minister Mutsekwa said: “It is without doubt that the organisation (ZRP) has steadfastly maintained its integrity in the ferocity of machinations of the detractors determined to collapse the country.

“The ZRP leadership, officers and members should be commended for demonstrating the necessary operational acumen and strength to navigate the choppy waters of policing in an environment where the illegal sanctions have decimated the organisation’s capacity to fulfill its constitutional obligation of maintaining law and order.”

If this is what “inclusive government” means, I don’t think there’s a point in maintaining the charade.

If you can’t beat them, join them?

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  1. It’s the way it is, they get taken over. Or they get a taste of the good life, and the privilege of being called “Minister”, and they forget where they came from.

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