Is that what it takes?


We had a power-cut on my block yesterday ’round noon, during a bit of rain and lightning. Lots of snap, crackle and pop around the power-lines, and some cables tangled in a huge tree. Result? An afternoon off work, and shit-all to do.

Paid a quick visit to the Scud, and the price increases had me scurrying out the door and to the safety of home before 6pm! A game of pool: $60,000.00? For crying out loud…Zambezi lager $75k? What’s the world coming to? Anyway, this is a world in which a kiddies’ toothbrush costs $150k, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, should I?

So I trundled to work this morning, knowing full well the power would still be out, chilled for a bit, took a stroll out the gate and what do I see? lo and faken behold, it’s 5 guys in ZESA kit, and a police constable! I ask these guys, like, “wassup” and they’re telling me power will be back within the hour. I look at the cop, he gives me a knowing look and a smile, and says don’t worry power is on the way.

And he’s holding a truncheon! Is this what it takes to get state workes to do the thing? I know we called ZESA all afternoon and early morning, and they just kept saying later, later. Seems someone in my area, which is deep in police territory, got a bit beeved with these dudes and dispatched a little muscle to get them hopping.

And hop they did…here I am happily porn-surfing again ;-D

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  1. Lucky for you no work, down under we always have electricity so i have no excuses for not doing my reports. I must say even with petrol in my car 24/7 bread and even salt there is just no place like home will be happy to be there soon.

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