Everyone’s partying but me

Here I am stuck at work on a Saturday morning, when every sane person out there is either A: nursing a hangover or B: planning a hangover! Don’t mean to whine, but I can’t wait to hit the Scud later and catch the football.

Saw Edgar Langeveldt live the other night. I’ve never really had much time for live comedy acts myself, but hey, got invited, went along. And wow, was that shit worf it? The man is genuinely funny, and if that was the level of stand-up comedy we had here, I’d be at the Book Cafe every time they were on.

Sadly, he’s about all there is, I’m told. The others either try too hard, or just go through the motions, as if a couple of giggles over a thirty-minute slot is enough to validate their existence. But I won’t just take others’ word for it, from now I’ll make an effort to catch as much stand-up comedy as I can, just to see wassup.

As for Eddie, the man’s a genius – we need to be exporting that shit, where does the Minister of Forex Affairs hide when he’s not making monetary policy review statements etc etc?

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