It’s Question Time, Boys & Girls!

Who is the monkey in charge of Burma? Seriously dude, you just need to take a chill-pill. We know you value your ‘sovereignty’but come on, you’re in shit. Get help. People are offering help. Children are dying. Don’t be such a hard-arse. Even the Chinese are getting help.

What the feck is going on down in South Africa, anyway? I’m not so sure this is just basic xenophobia at play now. It seems to me like impoverished masses are taking advantage of a few basic prejudices and resorting to criminality and mob protest. This isn’t about Zimbos and Malawians anymore – why are all these people so mad? Clean your shit up, Thabo Mbeki.

Where are the ANC heavies in all this, anyway? Where are the Tony Yengenis, the Tokyo Sexwales? Is it not evidence of a fractured party that there hasn’t been a unified response, a coming together of ANC leadership, an effort to visit these townships and calm the rioters whilst displaying solidarity with the victims of hate crime and citizens of brother states?

When will Hillary Clinton quit? Isn’t it interesting to note that it’s her, the Establishment, Female and now-Losing candidate, who has consistently played the race and gender cards, while her ‘inexperienced’ opponent has not? And what’s with all these ‘feminists’ who identify with Hills cos she’s a woman brave enough to challenge “the ultimate glass ceiling”? Really, you’re voting for just the highest-ranked vagina in the land, instead of vetting on Issues? You must be real proud.

Why are there still only four teams qualifying for the knock-out round of the Super 14? If anything, this season’s campaign has shown us the benefit of having at least a six-team playoff section in a FOURTEEN-team tourney. And I’m not just whinging cos the Stormers failed to qualify (on points-difference) but hey, if we expanded the competition, let’s expand the playoffs too. Food for thought, I reckon. And not just sour grapes.

How the hell are we supposed to survive this damn country anyway? A can of Castle Lager at the Scud & Nanny now costs 800 million dollars. EIGHT HUNDRED MILLIONS!!

You know what? I quit.

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  1. Who is in charge ?…the priority of pple in charge is to stay in charge. so what if pple are dying. pple die every day and they have stay in charge damn it

    What is going on in SA?… what is going on in Israel/palestine, what went on in Rwanda, what went on i n Kenya, what is goin on in Zim.. pple are killers. we have always killed each other and we always will. especially when we are faced with challenges. race/ethnicity/politcal allegience is just a scape goat. pple have always been racist/ xenophobic..aint nuthin new

    Where are the ANC heavies in all this?…they are politicians. they will act when thier positions are at risk. they have food, money, clothing etc. they could never relate to the problems and challenges of the ordinary man

    When will Hilary Cliton quit? when does a power hungry politician ever quit? its the presidency of the fuckin states at stake here.

    How are we supposed to surive.? the same way we have been surviving all along..some of us will leave the country, some will start their own “businesses”, some will use blogs as an outlet, some will turn to prostitution, some will reduce consumption(alcohol included), some will not surive, but what the heck pple die every day

  2. Burma: handiende

    SA/xenophobia: everyone wants a piece of that pie. The BEE fatcats are full to vomiting with it. That is where all the ‘heavy’ weights are.

    Hillary: think Voldemort

    Stormers: suck it up dude

    Price of beer: I told you long ago to start brewing your own. If Zinatha can do it for Aids surely you can do it for inebriation.

  3. Hell of a topic to get started Black. You do not want to go there. Civilisation blows (or sucks if you prefer). Don’t get me started on people who get paid the Earth to look pretty compared to the ‘blue collar workers’ who get paid minimum wage. The same workers whose absence would send humanity spinning on its head. If anyone is fucked in this world, they are (well, if you dont include people in the rural areas of ‘third world countries’). $1M per episode to do what exactly? Fuck me, I need a drink, and a handful of anti depressants!

  4. Why is almost everybody feeling Anonymous today?

    I realise that rants like this one are becoming my forte, but I can’t help it. It’s really annoying/depressing at times, and after last weekend, I can’t help being pissed.

    ALTHOUGH there were some high points …

  5. JB unodenha. You cant just allude to ‘high points’ without elaborating. You know that Gala is going to be on your ass about it dont you?

    As for everyone being anonymous, how can you tell that its different people?

  6. Oh shit Elle, you you busted me. But it’s true … watched The Other Boleyn Girl with Minnie Mouse and, tell you what, it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in ages.

    Had drinks with work-mates on Friday, pretty awesome, and the partying afterwards was something special, too.

    And I suppose Saturday also rocked, watched A LOT of rugby, and saw the Stormers match with my new friend …

    … so it wasn’t a total disaster.

  7. taura zvako, $1M per episode, $20M per movie, £100 a week….why? because collectively we are willing to pay thier wages.

  8. They wont cut off the zeros, we will have to go back to manual methods of accounting as per gidi gno

  9. for sho, because most machines are failing to handle the trillions. manual ought to be fun

  10. Now if YOU think life is weird, did you hear the one about the Saudi Arabian woman who is divorcing her husband because he tried to sneak a peek under her veil to see what her face looked like. Now, to have her problems where that is the biggest concern in your life. Not the fact that you are walking about in this tent all day or that you cant walk about with some kind of escort or that you dont have anything to call your own, no, your husband wants to look at more than your eye slit and this is grounds for divorce. Ye gods.

  11. Hey, did they mention the size of the divorce settlement, cause if you say Saudi to me, I think black gold, and the annoying money that tends to come attached. Hell, I’d marry one just to have the chance to divorce him and come away with a little sumin. Although, women’s right would have to have come first, something that is less likely than a black lesbian president in the US of A.

  12. Finger-counting Zim bearer cheques is pure torture, Minnie, and you know it!

    Elle how is it possible they got married but he’s not allowed to se her, let alone slip her one? Hmmm?

    Gala, I know it was you at 5, kinda have a feel for it now.

  13. Everyday is a lotto in Zim.You just have to make a plan and get on with it. Here’s something controversial to get a lot of you peeps’ knickers in a knot – Asia and South East Asia have earthquakes, tsunamis, etc as Gaia’s way of population control, Africa has Hiv/Aids while south america has repressive governments. Don’t worry about the West, they have medicare, the NHS, 401k plans, UB40 (welfare).

    On another note South Africans are racists, thieving, murderous individuals and I’m just talking about the one’s in Harare.

    Finally – anyone convinced by the smiling face and “thank you for voting in peace”? Hugo and Tich have their work cut out.

  14. A whole rainforest has just been wiped out to take up residence on Buff’s shoulders. We should get Greenpeace on your ass.

  15. Oh, just a hint.

    So Vic Falls is fucking HOT!!! I mean the place is burning, sweating my shirt off. ANd they’re running around in JERSEYS!

  16. Maybe should got tired of being robin to your batman, muzenda to your mugabe, bigfoot to your wild boy, bungle to your geoffrey, canada to your usa, zapu to your zanu, po to you tinky-winky.

    anyway – chip on my shoulder for calling Sasko racist and murderous. SA is the most dangerous place in the world outside of a war zone, they think that SA is not part of Africa, they are killing our brothers and sisters.Now they have turned on each other. He’s not Zulu he’s Shangaan – kill him.

    As for the rest nothing like a bit of controversy to get things going in winter. After all JB thrives on it ala minnie and miss joe et aliter.

    Eleanor going to see your blog – wonder if there is anything on rugby and reminisces of the old days. I know there was a good reunion when Bertha got married. Hear Lulu and Costa are next

  17. Oh wow! Bertha got married, who did she get hitched to? Lulu finally snagged Costa, ende akashingirira! Coz Costa akambomutambisa chepamusoro!

    What else is happening in the rugby world?

  18. p.s. JB, you know this will always be my real home. Nothing but love for you, china.

  19. The Kelly to your Beyonce.
    The Bata to your Wienbrener
    The margarine to your butter
    The crack to your smack
    The Jack Daniels to your Courvoisier
    The Hi5 to your Facebook
    The Quench to your Mazoe
    The veg to your nyama
    The Playstation to your Xbox
    The spectacles to your contact lenses
    The Cindy to your Barbie

  20. It was lashing rain in Moscow. Peter Kenyon and Avram Grant were soaked through – their suits were drenched, mainly with John Terry’s tears

  21. Lots in the rugby world,Eleanor. Three teams off to Zambia this weekend – Seniors,21’s and Women. The women aren’t the same as they used to be but some veterans were there at interprovs – Lulu, Suzie and Abbie is coaching. OH has some good youngsters but they are still learning. Sports Club mafia is dominating womens like they do with the 21’s

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