The circle of life

Winners often suffer from the delusion that they’ll be winners forever. They imagine that victory is their birthright, that they’ll effortlessly succeed at everything they try.

Eventually, though, reality catches up with them. Child stars grow up to be angry alcoholics. Captains of industry lose their fortunes. Rock stars overdose. Handsome dudes go bald and get dumped by their wives. Starlets age badly. Comedians lose their senses of humor. Footballers get bad knees.

So why do we ascribe so much power to those who happen to be winning at this very moment? That’s just what losers do, I guess.

I was a winner too, lucky in love, working amongst friends, a gentleman of leisure.

Now I’m just a sad, single guy with an awkward paunch, a freezing bed and half a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Thus fell Lord Perth, and the earth did shake with that thunder.

27 Replies to “The circle of life”

  1. kana wapinda basa chasara kubuda.
    hold on mate…loosing a chick in winter is not always the best way to go but summer will come.

  2. Cold comfort: I still have mad love for you. And if you need me to organise you some comfort of an Asian persuasion, you have my number.

  3. I’m really confused! O_O

    Someone spell it out for me because, from this, the vibrant message I got here was that JB is now single. That, or he forgot to put quotation marks and cite a reference. The comments that follow SUGGESTS JB’s indeed single, but, I really would like to be sure so I can make my next move (i.e. make the usual noises people make in such cases). So, has JB broken off the engagement?

  4. dude I go away for the world cup and this happens. will be back on thursday and I’m buying the whisky at OH not Maiden – too much time in there is causing you problems

  5. Tara, I think it’s clearly stated, innit? Go ahead and make your token noises, then. BD, rather bring a bottle to my place 🙂

  6. No dummy, so we can build a fire, like Africans do. We make fire for everything – happy, sad, wedding, funeral, baby, graduation … sports.

  7. Sad and single I still think you’re extremely cool and when I grow up I want to be just like you. (N.B. this an attempt to boost your self-esteem, hope it works)

  8. But why must people make it so easy and then expect me not to take the bait, huh, JB, huh, I don’t want to live in that world where I have to be the bigger person. The fatter person, yes, but the bigger person, not so much.

  9. I don’t know what to say, other than I’m sorry things didn’t work out between the two of you. It was amicable, I hope!

  10. ok, since u insist,

    get wasted and get laid as quick and as often as u can.
    doesnt really get u over the girl, but u have fun while u trying. and by the time u sober up u may well be.

  11. @Eleanor – he did let her go. He could have pulled a Handiende a la one man named Bob !!

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