Journalist fingered, raises stink


A local journalist has raised a stink, after he was fingered in a corruption probe to dirty-mind whether he had flouted tender procedures.

Tasked with identifying suitable players in the catering industry to supply sadza and poke borns on a daily basis, he inflated invoices by a whooping one dough-lar.

The journalist has evaded arrest, having fought running battles with members of the riot police.

After assaulting a woman police constable with clenched fists and booted feet, he picked a button stick and fled in the direction of Tokwe-Mukorsi, where he is pouncing on unsuspecting travellers and robbing their goods.

The BATTERED woman police constable courted the ire of members of the public, and The Man On The Street has questioned her qualifications. She has since applied for discharge irregardless of being the victim.

Anyone with information as per the journalist’s whereabouts is urged to conduct the officer commanding Mashonaland Worst, or visit the nearest police posty.

7 Replies to “Journalist fingered, raises stink”

  1. There, right there my guy, you hurve Torched a storm with the jernalist Irregardless of wartever point you were trying to make. #Fingered

  2. This jernalist must have a concert because I think he will make a good artiste. As long as he comes on stage putting a blue suit with brown shirt and matching shoes. We will publicise it on radio and tell people that all is set for a spectacular show and buses will be available at the usual pick up points. He will belt out some classic tracks and women and children will gyrate the night away. On that day we should check the weather report and see whether it will be warm to mild with scattered afternoon thundershowers becoming cool in the evening.

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