Crazy Driver Alert

Planning an illegal manouvre
Planning an illegal manouvre


There is a constant problem at the intersection of Josiah Tongogara Avenue and Seventh Street (where it morphs into Chancellor Avenue, aka Borrowdale Road). Cars coming up Tongogara past Sixth Street have one right turning lane into Seventh.

Harare drivers constantly create two turning lanes, and block vehicles coming the other way, turning right, going towards Borrowdale. This happens every single day, especially during high traffic volume times, and I cannot explain why.

Are these people just selfish? Do they have no regard for the rules? Well, this morning, as I came up Tongogara heading towards Morris Depot, I found one.

It’s an embassy vehicle, I don’t know which one, but someone needs to sort this out. This isn’t diplomatic behaviour.

Can anyone identify this vehicle, especially those who play in embassy / NGO circles? Which one is 55?

Secondly, when are the police going to do something about this? Harare drivers are constantly flouting traffic laws with impunity, and this has to come to a stop.

We all have a part to play.

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  1. Lol…

    I think Zimbabwe traffic fines are too cheap. That is why people drive like fools. I drove like an idiot in Melbourne and got stopped by traffic police. I got 2 tickets, 1 for $144 and the other for $722 (total = $866 for those that cant add). After that i behaved. I am actually lucky i didn’t get any points taken off my licence.

    These boys don’t play.

  2. I just saw a white SUV, Toyota looking, plate “74 CD 11” doing the EXACT SAME illegal turn just now. And there’s no traffic at all, it wasn’t necessary. No excuses

  3. Yep, I’m going to court on thursday AND I have to pay a bond of $145 before the final ticket/citation is issued…Grrr….I’ll never speed (80 in a 55 zone or run an amber light) again!

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