No cooler-boxes? You’re out your fecking tree!

I will NOT be going to THIS year’s edition. No glass or alcohol allowed?

Do you wanna rock?

I suppose it makes sense to say “No glass” into the arena, cos it tends to get a bit messy when bottles are strewn all over the place. But “No alcohol”?

You know you could just inspect the cooler-boxes as they come, make sure  people only have plastic and cans, but to effect a blanket ban? What, you wanna make some MORE money for charity this year, more than you’ll make from HUNDREDS of people paying TEN feckING DOLLARS each?!?

Wow, someone’s gonna make a looooot of money selling beers and spirits at the race-course tomorrow. And can you imagine the queues to buy said alcohol?

Count me out.

10 Replies to “No cooler-boxes? You’re out your fecking tree!”

  1. you’re not the only one. enough people i know cancelled the rock down plans and went some place else. there wasn’t much evidence of a rock down the day after tho….

  2. OH MY GAWD, they didn’t even try! And yeah, usually the day after RDH you see can see abandoned vehicles, and loads of carnage in the car park. Not this last Sunday. Sad.

    We Will Rock You - The Musical

    Spotter’s badge to Tara.

  3. You know how it is, BDiddy. People get so smashed they forget they drove over, or where the car is or how to get into it. Isn’t Minjoe? Or Joemin? Blackmouse? Miniblack? Help me out here. I’m all out of ideas!

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