Lick a (flu) shot

Friday night,
Sick like a puppy with my night nurse,
This isn’t Sunday life’s in reverse,
Head starts pounding, dunno what’s worse,
The fever or the coughing or the fart curse.

I should be at the club watching rugby,
Lucky I have Minnie Mouse to hug me,
Guess I’ll go and float inside the bathtub,
And maybe I can score myself a backrub,

And when I wake to give the day a good smack,
You’ll be stumbling home at the dawncrack,
And then you’ll realize that unlike Joe Black,
That’s just another night,
You’ll never,

6 Replies to “Lick a (flu) shot”

  1. ahh poor thing though snuggling up is arguably better than bottles of booze and subsequent hangovers anyday.

    Ps noted the reappearance of Miss Minnie several posts ago, the double life suits you better – happy for you – at the very least we are assured there is someone to make sympathetic noises as you die of flu!

  2. It’s only a cold*. Jesus! 🙂

    *Yes, I know that I am not there to firsthand see it, and I ain’t no physician, but it’s a cold. AKA: Man flu. But, a cold, nonethless.

    Get well soon!

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