7 Replies to “Messilona 3 – 1 ManUre”

  1. Still, where were the |Liverpudlians in all this. We’re still the best in the country, which is all that matters.

  2. What’s Liverpool got to do with it? Rather be quiet than expose your desperation, and suffer with dignity LOL.

    Yes, you’re the best in the country … ONLY! Barcelona are awesome, and that’s a fact. Don’t lose focus, rather nyarara lest you look like a sore losing fool 🙂

  3. I could say the same (desperation) about you, scrapping some satisfaction from some random team’s victory.

    Whatever! We’re still superior to Liverpool. And Chelsea. That’s enough for me.

    Am having a déjà vu moment here. I swear we had the same quarrel last year. You sniggering about Man Ure being defeated by some random European team. Me reminding you that we’re better than y’all. You saying I’m being juvenile or some such shit. Me saying least I don’t camp on to another team’s victory to spite others… Happy Days! Same time next year?! 🙂

  4. See, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Random team? I’m a Barca fan, since you don’t know.

    So now that’s clear – hahaha, you suck. We raped you. Suck on that, bitches.

  5. And by the way, Liverpool is the most successful English club in history, so before you talk about being “superior”, count the total number of European cups ManUre have won, compare them to ours, then look in our trophy cabinet.

    Then talk. Ignorant child.

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