Word of the day: Skyperbole

You know when you’re having a Skype conversation, with your friend or relative across the sea, and you kinda run out of things to say?

And you can’t really hang up cos you imagine the person shut in on a cold snowy day, desperate for even a taste of home, even via the tenuous means of a dodgy internet connection?

And they rambling, talking all sorts of bullshit, boasting about this and that, the people they saw, the concerts they’ve been, the car they’re riding etc?

Know what I call that?


7 Replies to “Word of the day: Skyperbole”

  1. Exactly why I haven’t bothered with skype or any other kind of instant messaging that’s cheap enough to make it practical for use indefinitely. I value the ability to cut things short by merely drawing attention to the cost of stuff.

  2. worst for me is some facebook ‘friend’ – i.e. dude from primary school that i never even spoke to in primary school – starts chatting and i have fuckall to say to them. (can’t find the offline thingy since the last facelift)

    never been on skype. hate braggarts though – they look me up and go out with me whenever they in CT – and brag. even worse than on skype.

    i swear by gchat. have chatted my way into a few knickers there šŸ™‚

  3. ngatisajaidzane kudaro. agree with Tara, that shit should be nipped like a Jewish girl getting rhinoplasty for her bat mitzvah.

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