Methinks a pilgrimage is in order…

So there I was, sipping on an ice-cold Windhoek Lager whilst lounging on the sofa watching the BBC, when this news item caught my attention: Zimbabwe police seal of a suburb of Harare and fight running battles with…

First of all, gulp. Here I am chilling, sun’s out, birds a-singing, me beer-sipping in the quiet and calm of Avondale, when down in Fio people are getting arrested, beaten and all that what-not. Kinda puts some things in perspective, ya know?

Like, since I’m home alone, who’s gonna fetch my next beer from the fridge.

Seriously. I’ve been considering this for a long time; when was the last time you crossed the railway line? Cos in reality, some people (me included) could go through a whole year without having to cross Samora Machel, let alone kucrossa njanji; technically, one half of this city could be burning to the ground and the other half would only hear about it on CNN.

Almost distracted me from the rugby, that one. Almost…

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  1. Hey JB wat happened to those trips to Machipisa – to go and eat cow head. And by the way you and I know the best chicks in H are from Fio dude.

  2. If it sounds cynical, you’ve missed the joke Lisa 🙂

    AT of course those trips to eat head of cattle died when you left, bru. I think it’s time to go to the stones, it’s certainly been a while…

    Yay cricket!

  3. tru that Jo, i think we shud cross the njanji more often. i only got to hear abt the fio clashes on CNN on sunday!! AT can u please give us more info abt the chicks in Fio.

  4. What???!!! I thought that was unheard of, Blacky spending thegame at home and not at the Scud ‘n’ Nanny. What, you finding it burning the mother of all holes in your wallet? Shuld have said and I’da sent you a few quid for a few dinks round the pub with your mates. Too bad!!!

  5. Don’t worry Yigga, I know who can hook us up with Fio chicks 🙂

    See Galadriel, I couldn’t afford the bhawa, it’s way too expensive these days, so I just got some beers, stole me bruv’s DSTV and chilled.

    Man, was it worth it 🙂 That’s my new plan, get DSTV and chill, I’m tired of paying Scud salaries!!!

  6. I could have told you that yonks ago. Anyway, the best thing about it is you dont have to get there and worry about where you will find your ass the next morning.

  7. Unfortunately nothing here to tell. I was merely referring to what I imagine tends to happen to Joe. I cant imagine the guy always manages to get home always. Savvy?

  8. You arent going to sit there and dey that you have found yourself in the wrong place. Are you telling me you aint never found yourself in an alley somewhere or next to some strange woman (or man), the result of intoxication from a previous night’s indulgence. Now i would find extremely hard to believe.

  9. Well, I have found myself with a random chick once in my life, but it’s not like a habit or anything.

    Don’t assume just because you get wasted and moered tat everyone else does, hehehe 😀

  10. FYI Black, i aint never been drunk in my life. I am still at the up to three drinks a night at the mo. Have a big thing at work on friday so i may be able to update you on whether i get pissed off my face. Am really scurred of what i may be like when i am actually drunk so i just dont go there. YOU??!!

  11. The pleasures of Bacchus… I don’t believe in this “I don’t remember what happened the night before” business, especially those who make a habit of it;) like the blog JB.

  12. Jamaica Girl, you certainly got my attention, as we say in Africa, howziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?? 🙂

  13. 🙂 mmm…maximus? everyting irie mon. Loving the cricket opening ceremony so much I say we should just skip the cricket and fast forward to the carnival….I am actually Jamaican-Malawian who went to high school in Zim so the news about H was a bit of a “?” moment for me. how u doin?

  14. Hey! Does anyone know the correct spelling for PEKISTHAN? How dismal can a world class cricket team be Joe? Maybe you need to pick another team to support or you’ll be sulking throughout the whole world cup competition. OH here’s an idea, you can support the hot chicks in the stands!!!!!

  15. By the way did you guys notice Joe was “sipping on an ice-cold Windhoek Lager ” hehe 😀 drinking imported beer and you claim you were too broke for bhawa!!!

  16. Its crazy that you are more likely to hear news of whats happening in your own backyard from some foreign news network.

    Crossing the boundary fence is encouraged once in a while to displace any misconceived ideas of the reality one is living in. I too am guilty of seldom venturing to the “other” side, its just far too easy to hide yourself in surburbia.

    As for , “Who is gonna fetch me my next beer”…i will not comment, tsk tsk

  17. So I’ve been doing a bit of Cricket watching, and I must say I always look forward to the boundaries coz the cameras swing into the stands and we get to see all the “island-dressed” women….. and they are HOT!! Just the other day the cameraman – with no complaints from me – was continuously focused on one West Indies fan. She was well-endowed in the jubbly area and she would not stop celebrating…… I don’t like cricket, I LOVE IT! That was you Jamaica Girl…perhaps??

  18. What??!! You aren’t even going to try and defend your self. Have you no honour or self-pride??? Just where in evolution did men become so Simple?

  19. so Zim is at it again. this time embarrassing themselves against Ireland. At a required run rate of less than 0.5 per over how on earth can you possibly contrive to lose a game? 36 balls people, to get 15 runs on the board, with 5 wickets in hand, and they could only manage 14 runs with wickets being gunned down like MDC supporters. But it was high entertainment value though, and I think Ireland can take many positives from this. Very soon we will be assuming our being shafted position for Ireland, as Bangladesh will have moved on to bigger things. (sad shake of the head)

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