Insert angry headline here

Make pithy comment about Zimbabwe losing to Ireland at the cricket World Cup.

Take witty pot-shots at the whiskey-fuelled executive.

Sign off with angry snarls concerning “surrender monkeys” and useless captains.

Drown your sorrows in Windhoek Lager.

19 Replies to “Insert angry headline here”

  1. today is the biggest day of the year at work and work finishes at 2am and party until 6am. can hardly wait. plan to have the time of my life after experiencing a bit of verbal abuse. thank god for wrap-parties.

  2. he yjoe i havent been on ya site for a while, i see i missed a fair amount,so who is the player chucking hation at ya tyoon us! gala what line of work are you in?

  3. hi joe and everybody. your Pakistan is out ha ha like Huff said “How does that make you feel?”

  4. Woh the CWC 2007 is really a thriller – the Pakies are kicked out – the coach dies the next day. England loses – and the VC almost drowns drunk like hell… and India loses to our training partners.. We cant wait for the next episode ]:)

  5. Geez, I’m finding it hard to keep up with it all, really! Poor Pak, it’s a shame, and Inzy has retired also.

    IRELAND!!! Bloody hell, who could have scripted that? And yeah, Bangla did well, HH Gibbs is amazing, and Zim still suck.

    I’m lovin’ it!

  6. Haha abt HHGibbs did you hear what Ponting said – “that ground is small – and I actually mishit a few balls for sixes” 😀 . Aussie Arrogance at its best

  7. I am ashamed to say no. I chickened out big time. Had a cobra and couldnot taae the taste anymore. Alcohol tastes vile. Need more cocktails at these parties. I will try harder at the Thank You Party in a few months time. Besides i was too busy paying attention o a bloke who was paying attention to someone else. No justice in the world i tell ya.

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