28 Replies to “Miss Interbanks 2006 photos”

  1. Inga mukaradhi is clearly labelled that she won she looks cute too

    I think Joe’s heart was won by all of them

  2. The girl in red in the last pic should have won the thing, but she was defrauded!!!! But if they had been fair Tetrad would have taken 1 and 2 by FAR!

  3. joe black arikutivhara which one is your chick you can’t be this dedicated just for random reasons

  4. JoBlack u closed me and that aint rite. i was busy in the afternoon. nway there is a party this weekend, i am not gonna tell you where!

  5. Say chatting to an SA chick here & she says she was in the Chivhu area & was told that females are not allowed to eat water-melons. Can any of you non-salad people comment because this is the first I heard of it

  6. So who exactly are you accusing of not being a mu salad here. Can you not tell by the highly intellectual comments evident on this nefarious website that all the esteemed personages, who contribute oh so regularly (despite having steady jobs to hold onto) are products of the finest educational establishments that Zim has to offer. Nhai Trevor, kana ndiwewo.

  7. She’s back! Holy Toilet-Seat, aChic where have you been?

    There has been speculation that you found a mandingo to keep you occupied…

  8. I think its the old porn adage: Once you’ve gone black, there is no going back.

    I have been trying to extricate myself from the Japanese style toilets. Lord, in this day and age, how can people still have buildings with pit latrines.

  9. This site is good shit go get the picture at Monomutapa right now and boy you will love the quality of the police uniforms blocking the road. Holly shit the assholes can’t even see thats the reason for the demo.

  10. guys get lives!!!! this whole viewing pics during work hours and all shows a serious lack of something, maybe a life??!!!

  11. @ Pam, viewing these pics during work hours doesnt show a lack of ” a life ” DUH it shows lack of…


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