Mystery solved

If any were under the mistaken notion that Zimbabwean cricket had gone to the dogs, fear not. The coach has this to say:

“I always read in the international press where they say I am under pressure … but my contract doesn’t say that I have to win matches, it says as long as I am competitive, then my employers are happy.”
No wonder Zimbabwe coach Kevin Curran always looks so relaxed. Of their last 19 ODIs, his side have won once and tied once (Wisden Cricinfo)

And there you have teams like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa hell, even Ireland wasting their time being competitive. We continue to justify our presence in the rankings how?

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  1. so nz to kick sri lanka’s ass and australia to kick RSA? is anyone taking bets on this?

  2. Uhm, well, Oz to win. Dunno about NZ v SL, still too close for me,Bond and Oram are back, yeah so is Malinga but I’m calling a good game, although my heart (as it will be in September) is with NZ.

  3. i was reading an article recently that a few years from now, people will be less inclined to watch the 50 overs version of the game, since 20/20 is a significantly more high octane version. of course the purists would dispute this.

  4. I’m a purist, and I can hardly bear to watch the goddamn 50 overs version.

    I can’t stand 20/20, and I believe that no matter how “exciting” it is, even the laymen would always see it as a minor distraction and not really a competitive, recognisable, technical, tactical sport.

    Of course, this was talk about ODIs in the seventies…

  5. Turns out that we are not justifying our presence in the rankings after all…. Coz with news just coming in, Ireland is now ranked above zim in the ODIs. With zim still on the bench test wise, hell, Ireland could be giving us a run for our money on that front soon. Taibu, Olonga, Streak, Flowers, Whittall, come back, all is forgiven. And with the foreign currency we will be raising from importers bringing in second hand cars, (Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.) we can afford to pay you proper salaries.

  6. as thumpings go, south africa cannot be said to have choked. they just swallowed their tongue whole and k.o’ed like an English chick on too many bacardi breezers.

  7. No, no no…. come on. you shouldnt say that about comrades… I mean all that bullshit talk about number one and can beat anyone… Thabo always knew he was the bitch in this relationship. They got inserted. The gap is just too huge. To choke you have to be good enough and they are just good enough to beat Zimbabwe’s easterns in the logan cup.

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