No guy, I’m not buying a Floorwiz Pro on the street!

Those vendors at intersections are annoying, and I have this terrible nightmare of hitting one of them whilst going through a green light at full tilt.

Worse are the buggers at shopping centers, whether Avondale or Fife Avenue. I mean really, is it necessary to shout “Airtime! Airtime!” through my window as I’m leaving the Fife shops?

If I wanted the airtime, I’d have called YOU, or I’d have answered the first time, dummy!

Then this bugger wanted to sell me all sorts of crap this morning at Avondale shops. Yelling “Boss! Boss! Boss!” as I’m parked, cold chillin’ listening to Power FM won’t get you any custom, bugger.

Who the hell buys garden shears on the street anyway?

Keep your Chinese shit.

3 Replies to “No guy, I’m not buying a Floorwiz Pro on the street!”

  1. I don’t know JB, a guy’s gotta eat in this economy. Sometime desperate measures call for the ‘hard sell’. At least these fuckers can go home to their families and take comfort in the knowledge that they can quite rightly claim ‘I did my best, goddammit! I fucking tried!’ That any failure is certainly not due to any lack of trying. Granted, there is something to be said about the potential for it to be off putting, but I guess they can’t afford missing an opportunity of a sale.

    Am liking the new look, by the way. Very crisp, somehow. Definitely a keeper, if you’re asking me.

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