Not so free anymore …

So I’m back in the world. I’ve taken a position doing I.T. support for a new company.

I’m still operating, but now I’ve got backup and support. So nothing’s changed, except my working hours.

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  1. commiserate would be most appropriate.No more midweek drinkups ,tuesday nite outs by m`burg and all that jazz.

    Very sorry but you won`t die…

  2. Eish, ed lover, remind me never to invite you to any of my pity parties. You would be the proverbial wet blanket raining on my pity parade.

  3. At least you got the security of a regular wage right. If things get slow, you still get paid. Right? And you got back up. Nothing more liberating than knowing there is someone there to cover your scrawny ass.

  4. JB the chick has you on this one, you will forever be a bhiritong never a rump steak.

  5. Come on Lyooooon.

    Oh, and go go AC Milan you good things go!

    Big up dem Barack Obama dem!

    There, that’s me for Sooper Tuesday.

  6. JB – I see u are still doing well in terms of ability to back the wrong horse.

  7. What about the Democrats and Illinois. Looks like our boy is in trouble. Apparently the outlook in Texas isn’t promising.

  8. Ohio dear, Illinois is our home state, and we creamed it.

    It’s okay, there’s really not much of a dent in delegate count, and besides, we don’t mind the White Witch* carrying on, we’ll cream her anyway.

    *That’s a Narnia reference, not a racial epiphet.

  9. Re: Hillary, ding dong, the bitch aint dead.

    So, finally pulled my finger out and rented Stomp the Yard on Dvd. Reaffirmed 2 long held believes:

    1. managing expectations is key. I knew going into it it was a feelgood movie. and was therefore pleasantly surprised at the hardcore dance moves.
    2. Brothers be FINE! none of those chocolate coated honey kissed caramel brownskins would I throw out of the bed.

  10. I have decided that politics can be summed up in one word: itsallutterbollocksandbullshit.

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