Notorious B.I.G. is 14 years gone

Christopher Wallace, 24 years old, was gunned down in Los Angeles on this day 14 years ago. Known variously as Biggie, Biggie Smalls, The Notorious B.I.G., Big Poppa and Frank White, young Christopher is arguably the best rapper in history.

Rest in peace Big, and thanks for the music. No Kanye or Drake or Weezy or any of that pop bullshit coming out my headphones today, strictly the realest, illest.

What’s beef?

10 Replies to “Notorious B.I.G. is 14 years gone”

  1. What?! Even better than Tupac? For the record, I never really ever got to know Biggie or Tupac. But I do know that one was either in Biggie’s camp, or Tupac’s. Or push comes to shove, Outkast, where I am defaulting to.

  2. Miles ahead of Tupac in my opinion … for me Biggie was smoother, like it came easily. Tupac sounded more forced, like he was playing a role whereas Big seemed more natural.

    It will always be an argument, who was better, blah blah, and there’ll always be emotion, but for me I can’t listen to any Tupac songs, he’s just annoying and shouty.


  3. For me someone of Tupac’s music had just too much anger, kinda put me off and it goes without saying BIG BOYS RULE!!!

  4. ok… nosisa’s fetish aside, Tupac made some truly amazing music for true, some of it was just crap, but then again some of it was just blerrie poetry man!

    As for BIG. sheeeeet, I’m still bumpin’ ‘it was all a dream, I used to read word up magazine, salt n’ peppa and heavy D up in the limousine, hanging pictures on my wall….’ the fat basterd knew how kick it!

  5. If he were still here, you think he’d have anything on Jay Z’s current mainstream renown?

    (Assuming natural causes didn’t get him first, of course. Because that man looked like he was this close to a cardiac event.)

  6. Who the fuck is Jay Z, man? Biggie got Jay Z onto the game, and if it wasn’t for BIG he would be nothing.

    Biggie had already gained mainstream acceptance by the time he died, but I think if he (and Tupac I guess) had lived, there wouldn’t be so much bubblegum pop rap around, as the hard, edgy stuff would be the actual mainstream.

    By this I mean, Dreezy and Weezy and all them backpack rappers would be the fringe now, instead of the norm, because the hard guys would be dominating.

  7. I don’t know, the music industry evolves. I reckon that Tupac, particularly, would have had to evolve if he was to remain as mainstream. He’d have had to diversify his portfolio. Start working with other people quite different from him. You know, Some of the more poppy characters. Like Luda, or P Diddy, or JayZ, or Kanye.

    We have come a long way since the days of Gangsta rap, haven’t we.

  8. I have to agree with Tara there, both Tupac & Biggie would probably be rocking with auto tune in today’s world, just look at Nasty Nas, (whose appeal has always escaped me), he is a dinosaur today, yet back in day he was considered one of the best. i cant say that he’s music has changed in any way which is probably why everyone has come round to seeing things my way i guess.

    sigh… it all seems so shallow and commercial doesn’t it? oh well, might as well enjoy some Justine Beiber while we at it.

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