The culture of fear

And so it begins. The harassment of the MDC-T by official ZANU-PF elements, both inside and outside government, is reaching heights every Zimbabwean has grown to understand.

What is obviously an organised campaign of intimidation continues unabated, and Members of Parliament seem to be in the crosshairs. As we speak four MDC-T MPs are in custody, including a Cabinet Minister arrested on charges of “corruption”.

I suppose Ignatious Chombo will never have to face what Elton Mangoma is facing. Corrupt? Not anyone in ZPF.

And all this does is to reinforce the myth that some people are untouchable and the rest of us are mere sheep, to be herded and slaughtered as the masters see fit. Surely, if an MP can be taken in, what hope does a mere individual have?

So the culture of fear sets in, and the people are cowed into resistance, discussing their fate in hushed tones and only with people they trust to share the same sentiments. And the fear rots us from the core, eats at us until the day they herd us to the ballot box and we speak in overwhelming numbers … again.

Not that it will matter … again.

The saga continues.

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