Plane crash at Harare International?

(updated below)

BBC World just gave a breaking news flash saying that there are ambulances and fire trucks on the runway at Harare International Airport.

They say it’s possible a flight from Britain may have crashed or developed problems on the runway, and to stay tuned. WTF!

Also Naomi Campbell is lying. “I didn’t flirt with Charles Taylor … I’d never heard of Liberia … I don’t know who gave me dirty-looking pebbles”.

Yeah, right.

Update from Reuters AlertNet.

HARARE, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Zimbabwean Civil Aviation authorities said on Thursday an aircraft was involved in an accident at Harare airport leading to injuries but no deaths. Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe Chief Executive David Chawota could give no further details. “I can confirm there has been an accident, but I cannot give details right now. I am not at the site, but there are just injuries, no deaths,” Chawota said. (Reporting by Nelson Banya; Writing by Marius Bosch)

Update II

HARARE/LONDON, Aug 5 (Reuters) – A Zimbabwean aviation official said on Thursday an accident reported at Harare airport was an exercise and no aircraft were involved in any incident. “There was a drill. We have to test our preparedness, and response capabilities every now and then,” said the senior official of the Civil Aviation Authority, who declined to be identified. Zimbabwean authorities will be holding a news briefing later on Thursday. Britain’s Foreign Office also said the incident was a drill. “As we understand it, it’s a drill, it isn’t real, it hasn’t really happened,” a British Foreign Office spokeswoman said. Civil Aviation authorities earlier reported there had been an accident at the airport leading to injuries but no deaths, and media reports said the flight involved had originated in London. A Reuters witness said the situation at the airport was normal with people waiting for flights arriving and departing. (Writing by Nelson Banya in Harare and Michael Holden in London; Writing by Marius Bosch; editing by Andrew Dobbie)

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  1. true dat, where the hell are we gonna get another plane if we break one of our two…. or is it three long haul kombi’s of the sky?!

  2. don’t know if anyone cares, but prop 8, which denied gay people the right to marry, has been repealed. I think this is fantastic on so many levels. I know I have said this before, but The Gays need to find out that marriage is not the Promised Land that they think it is, just ask Matt Lucas. It’s a horrific and/or insipid state of affairs. Let them also be allowed to descend into the soul-sucking abyss of the matrimonial state. Handiti ana Melissa Etheridge vakazviregedzawo futi. It’s that thing about the grass always being greener.

  3. 1. Nothing is true until it’s officially denied.

    2. Gay/straight whatever. The only person whose sexual orientation anyone should ever bother with is the person they want to shag.

  4. Going back to the plane thing, in a fire drill, you don’t just yell ‘fire’ and expect people to behave in an orderly fashion. I am not sure what was to be gained by making people fear the worst.

  5. LOL @ Eleanor’s soul-sucking abyss of the matrimonial state.

    I take it you are ‘happily’ married….

  6. She ain’t married. You know, I’m chuffed that the gays can marry again. I’m even more chuffed about the judge’s story, saying that fags had been reduced to lesser citizens by Prop 8.

    That’s the pure, unvarnished truth.

    Also, have you looked at the defenders of so-called traditional marriage? This one is standing with his third wife / ex-mistress, this other woman is on her second marriage, and there they are whining about The Gays.

    Really? Really!

  7. lol@Skriff

    marriage is just one of those ‘whatever’ societal constructs like government and religion. people enter the world and find them here and for lack of a questioning mind, just drink that kool aid despite the overwhelming, DAILY relentless evidence that these institutions are flawed to the hilt and only exist by force of habit – and of course a little cash to be made.

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