14 Replies to “Question Time”

  1. Can someone with intel confirm (or not) about a certain head of state and government and the defence forces’ daughter and her alleged double Tangizims?

  2. ‘grovelling on top of her’. zvinorevei izvozvo. chirungu chacho chandikona. maybe inyaya dzekukwirana dzengisi nganyatso nzwisisi.

  3. poor article bad taste. if it’s true – then poor security and shame for the young lady

  4. Yeah, she uses her real name. Why would it surprise you? She’s not a rock star checking into a hotel, she’s a student, her real name has to be used on assignments, transcripts, otherwise there’d be no value of going to college in the first place.

    Also, the muscle would kinda give her away. 🙂

  5. Figured, being the daughter that she is to you know who, who isn’t exactly on the christmas card list for a lot of people in the world, she’d wanna have a low profile. I thought perhaps an alias would allow her the freedon to not have to go about with muscle or respond to awkward questions like ‘isnt that the name of the President of Zimbabwe. You know, the one who…’

  6. Hmmmmm, dodgy story.

    makes no sense for her to go to the cops when she can call home or go to the embassy and have the pervs dealt with behind the scenes, never mind the fact that she would probably move around with her goons anyway.

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