Just when you thought it was all bad

Unbelievable week we’ve had, sports fans! Can you handle Liverpool winning two games in a row?

Well, it happened. And we didn’t just win, we beat Arsenal AND ManUre. And shock! horror! Peter Crouch scored a goal, while Stevie Me missed a penalty. This is the stuff of legends.

One thing though…I won’t take back what I’ve been saying about Crouch, cos he’s still crap. And the Stormers dug themselves into a hole by losing to the Waratahs AT HOME, thank you Trevor for your sniping support of the Aussies, it really helped a lot. Not.

More importantly….I went to Cousin’s again (finally) and had a gas, I don’t care what y’all say: that place rocks. Pamberi nemahure.

Oh shit, another Monday 🙁

11 Replies to “Just when you thought it was all bad”

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  2. For as long as any team plays vs SA I will support them. Besides the Stormers, Sharks, Cheetahs & Cats suck!.

    Finally you have written an article we can actually contribute to.

  3. Just because you support the champions doesn’t mean you have to knock everybody else, Trevor.

    Besides, how did you come to support Cantebury anyway….

  4. Thats easy, they had Andrew Merthens & Justin Marshall long time ago & they have had more players in the All Blacks.

    That explain it?

    Its not about supporting the champions, its about hating SA with a passion

  5. They are South African teams arent they? I pray for the day when Zim is up & running& I never have to go to SA with a begging bowl

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