Satan, get your sweater on

ANTI MONKEY BUTT CASEWho’d have thunk it? A South African team is winning the Super 14 rugby crown, cos the Bulls and Sharks have just won, at home, in the Semis. Against New Zealand teams.

Yes, hell has definitely frozen over and a monkey just flew out my butt. And not just that, cos a few more shocking developments followed.

Like, Luke Watson has just been picked in the Springbok training squad. Of course, that’s totally meaningless. Homeboy gotta get a game, that’s when I’ll be really shocked.

And Tonderai Chavhanga, that (ex-) Zimbabwean boy, may just play for South Africa again.

Wonders never cease.

50 Replies to “Satan, get your sweater on”

  1. It had to happen sometime, those blarry sheep shaggers had it coming to them. Even if we dont get a socccer world cup in Africa, at least we will get the super 14 final AND trophy!!!

  2. Well, I hear that the selectors are not happy about Watson’s ‘selection’ (read imposition by the powers that be), and they are threatening to drop him when they whittle the team down to 30. In the words of Z-list celebs, dont hate the player, hate the game.

  3. Well Squire we booked a table already “inside” this time! You will hve to be supporting something (sic) hahaha. ManYoo vs Chelsea FA CUP everything to die for – then August Man Yoo vs Chelsea – Charity Sheild. We love you Man Utd – maziSilverware HOBHO

  4. Liverpool are in the final Andy Tee, and ManWho are not. So this year UEFA have decided to have a Champions League Third and Fourth place playoff match, and they are calling it the FA Cup Final – All Chelsea and Man Who fans are invited to attend the game at the new Wembley Stadium……… SIX……..feeeeeeeeetch.

  5. Watch SA talk up their chances now that they “rule the Southern Hemisphere”, have an awesome Tri-Nations, then flop HARD in September.

    That would kinda be like their cricket team, then 🙂

  6. JB, well you said it mate. And for the record food and alcohol feature on my list of things that I think about as well.

  7. All this hullabaloo about rugby, you would think they are the kings of the world, if I see one more Blue flag I’ma kill somebody

  8. Joe dosent like alcohol???!!! That is like saying I quit OXYGEN. Come Joe, What’s the matter??? 🙁

  9. Moving along. So I am on youtube watching this American show. This white country hick girl gets asked, so how old are you? Her response: I’m 16, just turned 17. Americans.

  10. I didn’t say I’ve given up yet, mate 🙂 i said I hate it, not that I quit it…

    aChic, don’t diss the Rulers of the Free World

  11. phew..there is still hope for you mate! so who are we supporting come saturday, the nkalakata sharks or die fist blou bulls

  12. GRAW, you make Joe sound like a beer advert. JB should be a poster boy for how NOT to live. Brain cells decimated (alcohol). Lungs cremated (tobacco). Mind addled (women). Pockets emptied (all of the above.)

  13. You know, due to a certain young lady’s influence on my life, I think I may be trying to quit smoking!

    Although I’m not really sure, maybe it’s just cos a nigga can’t afford ciggies right now anyway!! 😀

    G.R.A.W. while you’re down there…

  14. ya’ll need to go out and get a room ku Terreskane or Queen Elizabeth or something.

  15. ha ha hah ha ha Joe you want to quit smoking and/or drinking? this chick akurova nezvinonaka mfana she must be quite something?

  16. That brings us to an interesting point: how many changes are you willing to make to accommodate your partner? Remembering that munhu wakadanana naye uchiziva zvaari.

  17. happy belated gala, hope u had a blast. yes joe you were saying, while i am down here…..

  18. have just seen April’s inflation figures: 3713,9% up from March’s 2200. I think it’s time that Gdn Gn started wielding his zero-slashing sword again.

  19. Thanks y’all. Nothing to report. Still as sober as ever. Two China Breezes and nothing. Not even light headedness.

  20. Gala – you’re such a girl, have a whiskey on me!

    G.R.A.W. – bruv, you’re getting slower by the day, it’s all that cushy living, come back to Africa 🙂

  21. Vindication at last, I thought that all this wallowing in the gutter was making my putrid. But asi JB, I wa’nt aware that you are that way inclined……But like a friend says, whatever boats your float boet

  22. Hey Joe, just wondering, Beyonce or Shakira? Just saw their vid and thought of you. If you had to choose, which would it be. Death is not an option or any other cop out. I think the video does well to level the playing field don’t you think. So Beyonce or Shakira? Think well and hard about this. No rash decisions. Consider every variable from…………. well, don’t want to create any bias so I shall keep schtum. Oh,and for the record, the vid and the song suck.

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