Sawdust, bar dancing, parties and Pudfeckers

Strange thing about some bars: you can go there one day with one party, and have a pretty ordinary time. Go there another time, with a different team of players, and have a really good laugh. It helps if the bar’s name is something as ridiculously weird as “Billy Fudpucker’s”, which is Elvish for “I don’t know what to call my pub, and Tiperrary’s is taken”.

Friday night was great, had a feww beers in the sawdust at Bill’s, then went to a house party in Milton Park (Robbie Tee and Dean, the place was rocking). After that, we who like things went all the way to Mambo, which was also rocking. How we managed all this in a night, I don’t know.

Saturday was quiet, until around 2330hrs when Vusa and I went down to Platinum Lounge, which was much better than last week. At least this time, the average age was *not* 17, thank goodness.

And to all you CAPS supporters, including the Famous Brothers, *bwahahahahahahaha*.

Footnote: A lot more hapnd than this, just time and work have me rushing through this post

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  1. When you have the time and work is not an issue, what are the chances of you expanding on the above? Would be interesting to hear/ read what else you got up to! What made Billy’s different this time around? Is Vusa your side kick?

  2. Nope, Vusa is not my sidekick for crying out loud, I don’t have one yet but soon as I have, I’ll let you know.

    In fact, I’ve been more like HIS sidekick so far, heheheh

  3. OK, so you answered part of my question, and the rest of it? Out of interest, do you do a spell check on your articles or it’s meant to be sort of impromptu, unedited, etc?

  4. Spell check? No, I write, then post, feel free to point out any spelling mistakes 🙂

    Dunno what made it different, it just was.

  5. Well, good that you had a ‘really good laugh’. Those are badly needed these days and I’d perhaps attribute it to the company that you had! Where is this place anyway? May want to check it out myself.

  6. Do expand on the post, I may return to Harare early. Have arrived safely by the way.

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