A subtle shift in lifestyle

Holy shit, Batman, it’s time to improvise. Why, you ask? I’ll give you why, dammit. Because the price of beer at the Scud & Nanny has hit $270,000-00, that’s why.

Went down the pub last night, just to confirm the rumours, and yes, it is true, beer is No. Longer. Affordable. I’ll put it into perspective for my friends in the diaspora: 3 beers, and you’re fast approaching a million. And it’s still a lot, really.

So feck this, I’m making a few lifestyle changes starting *now*.

1. Only visit the Scud on weekends, and once. Friday ideal.
2. Do not, repeat *not*, do amaWednesdays. No matter what.
3. Never, ever, take a girl to the Scud, in case she orders Viceroy.
4. Get an aerial, so can watch World Cup soccer at home.
5. Forget cricket. Cricket is bad. Cricket is the devil’s sport.

That wasn’t so hard, now was it? Great. So since it’s Wednesday, I’m gonna go home and eat Mel’s cooking, then tomorrow I’ma play computer games at WebDev with my mates. All day.

Well, maybe I can afford the 210k at happy hour. Hmmmm…

7 Replies to “A subtle shift in lifestyle”

  1. So does that mean we not going for a drink as promised. 🙂 Promise I wont order a viceroy just an amarula….Tee hee

  2. AmaiJose, the is only one option (and quitting is not on), buta couple of crates & drink from home. Will open up my doors from tomorrow onwards, entry is one beer per guest & it must be a zambezi

  3. so much easier to just one of joe’s hoochie mamas and open a shebeen. I’m even willing to invest in such a project, I will be the madam of the establishment 😉

  4. that’s supposed to read ‘so much easier just to GET one of joe’s hoochie mamas’. These Japanese keyboards are made for people of Lilliputian proportions. Everything about this place is just dinky.

  5. Zim is just crazy…. I just went out yesterday and the price of a johnnie chifamba and coke was $7.50 and these aussies complain. i will send you some beers Joe’s

  6. Thank you darling, we’re struggling and suffering here.

    Hehe, peeps what’s a JW and Coke here, towards a mill I reckon.

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