Screw you ZBC and The Herald

I have asked this question, time and time again, and I still have no answer. Help me out here. Tell me …

… what does it take to become a ‘journalist’ at Zimpapers and ZBC News?

As a true-born son of the soil, and super-patriot to boot, I make it a point to watch the 8pm news when I can, and the first (online) paper I open is The Herald.

And it’s all bullshit.

MDC-T this, MDC-T that, MDC-T causes violence, MDC-T on rampage, MDC-T assaults public, MDC-T kills policeman, MDC-T are homosexuals, illegal sanctions have destroyed our economy, MDC-T puppets are poisoning puppies and deliberately warming the globe in order to facilitate illegal regime change under the sponsorship of their western masters.

Tsvangirai also hates Anglicans and ice-cream and puppies and rainbows and baby panda bears.

Do you really think we’re all THAT stupid?

Are you fecking serious?

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  1. “VIOLENCE erupted in Harare’s Central Business District yesterday afternoon after MDC-T youths and vendors attacked policemen who sought to arrest them for selling pirated compact discs near the party’s Harvest House headquarters.

    Six people, among them two vendors and an MDC-T security official, were arrested.”

  2. Are you saying that none of it is true, JB? Is it a lie?

    Anyhoo, the term ‘propaganda’ comes to mind. Worked well for the Nazis. Clearly, all the focus on MDC-T behaving badly, whether true or false is for those naiive enough to see through what they are trying to do. Not for worldly people like you, who can call bullshit from a mile away.

    So in answer to what I think was a rhetorical question, ‘a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do’. Pays the bills. Times are hard. And given the absurdness of the stories, which I gather you are mad about, must be an easy pay cheque. Why go for story that takes so much time and effort, when you can just tell an MDC-T behaving badly story that the editor will happily run with? It’s just easy! Easy money. Besides, by signing up to the ZBC and Herald, aren’t you signing up to tell such stories, and not the honourable stuff anyway?

  3. watching zbc “news” and reading the herald “newspaper” is neither patriotism nor a sign of true-son-of-the-soil-ness (notwithstanding my total abhorrence of both) – it is mental, ethical, grammatical, philosophical and journalistic masochism.

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