Time For Another Social Media Hiatus

It’s becoming a habit, I reckon. Lately I tend to tune out and block out the social media noise when I need to focus on something.

Last time I logged off, I resurfaced in the south of France. The previous time, I popped up in Oxford.

This time, I reckon I’m just going to focus on my exams in May, and the really hard ones coming up in July. And of course I’ll be working out, and working, and just generally focusing on myself.

Besides, I can really get by without all the random videos on Facebook, and the random idiots on Twitter.

Meanwhile, you can buy my book, including the new audiobook version, here:

AmazoniBooks | Barnes & Noble | Rakuten Kobo | Audible | iTunes | Audiobooks.com | Libro.fm

and many more outlets – search for ‘Ruzvidzo’ in your favourite store!

Toodles, and behave.