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  1. We all saw it. Goal after goal after goal after goal. It was one we’ll remember forever and the Besiktas fans will try to forget as soon as they can. But as many have said, and will continue to say, it’s not over yet. Last night’s result was a tremendous filip for the side, but we musn’t rest on our laurels. We must use this victory as a platform for bigger and better things, and it must start at home to Fulham. A win’s a win, no matter what the final tally is….

  2. There is still a lot of work to do though, Porto and Marseille are not going to be a walk in the (Anfield) park

  3. Fair play to the scousers but what do you want to bet that Crouch won’t start on the weekend? Maybe Rafa will rest Benayoun as well?

    Oh and Monsieur Player, Liverpool were lucky to draw Arsenal at Anfield. 8-0… your having a laugh

  4. Well, if the reports are to be believed, Rafa believes that Crouch’s future place is on the bench, and he will be like a super-sub. You can imagine how much displeasure can emanate from the 7-foot beanpole.

  5. I don’t know what you’ve been smoking Player, but it was Asernal who were lucky to come away with a draw at Anfield…. read the independant match reports…. beli’dat.

  6. You people whats your problem….whilst u busy uttering shit am fu**ing ya wife while she alone at ya house..shut the fuck up wit this gay shit…this whole thing is retarded,..Why u all agaist the KING OF PLAYERS….talk shit bro and get ya wrist slit slow
    and six ribs broke i’m on some insane deranged shit….

  7. JB i don’t mean to disregard rules of this blog but people should learn to show some respect……….

  8. Please, get over yourself. There is no cause to be so offensive. It’s insulting and I am sure you realise we have much better things to do. If you choose to be juvenile and foolish e.g. comment 21, I wonder how little self-respect you have. Show us some respect, and we’ll show you the same.

  9. Your response to it was both intelligent and well-balanced, displaying an amazing amount of maturity and tact. Congratulations.

  10. With those greight goals, should it come down to goal difference, at least Kop is streights ahead.

  11. Player-hater – Grow up (re: comment 19).

    Player – Try being the bigger person.

    Everyone else, if you looking to see the worst Vampire Horror movie ever made, I’d give 30 Days of Night. I cant believe someone actually paid money to have the movie made. Makes you wonder if the cast, having thought they were onto something, saw the final cut and thought to themselves “F*CK”. I can usually sit through bad movies and understand why it was still made. But this was beyond comprehension. AND, Josh didn’t take his shirt off. BOX OFFICE No1, my arse. There must have been a conspiracy where all the critics left out the part that the only good thing about the movie is that there was an end, granted it came 113 mins too late. Ten quid??!! F*cking Bastards!!!!!!

  12. So I take it that you would give it a 5/5 star rating huh, Gala? Nice to see your hard earned quid is being well spent.

  13. Gerrard is playing at the top of his game and is one of the deadliest in the world. Just ask Besiktas keeper. The boys are clicking well and have made some big impressions. Torres, Voronin, Babel (some strikers to help Crouch) Benayoun and i would love to see Heinze in a Red jersey (Well รขโ‚ฌยฆ a REAL red jersey).

    1-0 Peter Crouch
    2-0 Yossi Benayoun
    3-0 Yossi Benayoun
    4-0 Yossi Benayoun
    5-0 Steven Gerrard
    6-0 Ryan Babel
    7-0 Ryan Babel
    8-0 Peter Crouch

    Yip Yip Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Elle, it ain’t funny. I am really wound up about it right now. It’s like a bad taste in your mouth that you just cant get rid off.

  15. Here’s a hint, dear. Before you watch a movie, visit RottenTomatoes.com it will save you some of that squid you be wastin’!

    I still reckon Yossi Benyayoun is ordinary.

  16. I have no problem with ordinary players, its the extra-ordinary salaries that they draw that I take issue with. And all the hype that comes with it. Bring on more youtubists of the ManCity ilk, who I really really hope can grab a Uefa cup berth at the very least, just maybe to bring some semblance into the Premiership. Coz honestly, when does the madness end?

  17. JB,, I know that NOW. But surely the TV reviews and the Guardian (for crying out loud) could have said something. Conspiracy I tell you. They all got paid to miss out a few facts.

  18. Happens. Feels very bad when you are new comer and are still very keen. You will get used to it. But generally, means no one has anything to say.

  19. So any bets on tomorrow’s scores for Liverpool v Fulham? Coz with the euphoria from the Besitkas game not having quite warn off, and the defeat in May to Fulham to avenge, they are probably going to come out all guns blazing.

  20. Easy tiger, let’s not get carried away there … we are unbeaten in the league (yes I’m lookin at you ARSEnal) and we have to lose sometime …

    But I reckon if the boys play to their best, we can destroy.

  21. Remember guys Reds were in Top form on tuesday, setting the record for biggest win ever in the champions league. So, why would you bring this up? its so obvious guys the Cottagers will face there biggest challenge ever in the history of football, besides varikuenda kugomba Anfiled…I tell u guys there would not be a steep drop in form after the thrashing on tuesday…

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