Strength & Vision? I doubt it

Fun and games. Went to the ATM yesterday, and something was terribly wrong with my bank balance. Somehow, the available balance seemed to have shrunk considerably over a matter of hours.

Turns out CABS, who I bank with (not for long), had increased the minimum balance on Gold Class accounts (not as larny as it sounds) from $500,000, about US$6.25 – this is just to maintain the account – to the princely sum of $5,000,000, yes, 5 meters, bar, large, whatever you want to call it. US$62 in real currency.

Now, I wouldn’t mind if they did this and notified their clientelle, no problem. But for feck’s sakes, I was in their banking hall on Wednesday, I’ve been at their ATMs, there’s been nothing in the papers, feck-all notice of this change. And it’s a big change, let me tell you. I mean, how do you do this without some sort of…bloody hell, they have my email address, my home, work and mobile numbers, my postal AND physical address, and they just couldn’t be arsed?

What do they think this is? Damn, if only the service from Gold Class was any bloody good, I would also understand. This is the same account with a max teller withdrawal amount of $2m, and if you want more, if the teller feels like giving you more, they charge you 1% of the extra. Here’s an idea, you buggers, how about *raising* the withdrawal amount and stop charging for it.

Makes you wanna muller someone, it really does. Is this what Zimbabwe has come down to? When banks can treat their customers like this?

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  1. Are you sure you angry about the dwindling economy…. which has shrunk to an extent that we can expect anything … honestly you should have been told Joe Black. But the real issue is you team after talking too much last week was walloped… and thats were you anger is coming from

  2. This is nothing to do with Liverpool getting wired by Chellsea yesterday. i am angry about that, but I’m still trying to get over it.

    This bank thing is what’s really getting on my tits right now. One issue at a time….

  3. Okay maybe… on the issue of banks – wats $Z500 000 with the ever increasing costs and the overheads the banks incur. Look at the bigger picture the whole economy is crumbling and CABS has to survive somehow in this economy. To survive Mr Joe… you have to pass on the cost to someone so speculate on smthg boy.. sell cooking oil, paraffin, petrol.. anything to pass ur costs to someone… thats the name of the game “SOMEONE HAS TO COVER YOUR COSTS” its called inflation baba – you cant be covering everyones else costs. U hve to abuse too dnt be abused all the time 🙂

  4. Okay, fine. I understand all that. My big problem is the notification aspect…nothing. No notice to say we’re doing this, because of this and that, and it’s happening when, so…blah blah.

    That’s what really pissed me off. Fuck CABS

  5. My good friend.. the amount of stationery you will waste trying to inform pple on changes in this economy is incredible – imagine putting up a sign every month. I predict in two months time at this rate we will be getting prices for goods in supermarkets at the till point. And the second reason is that such drastic changes can cause pple to boycott your service so you ambush pple. And Mr Joe you were ambushed… my advise look DONT JUST BE AMBUSHED… AMBUSH TOO

  6. well, allow me to enter this debate. Why dont you use a proper bank, because remember CABS is a building society not a real commercial bank.

    I can not imagine a bank like NMB or StanChart or Barclays doing something like this. CABS does not have a reputation to protect it seems, if they can get away with this. But imagine the public outcry and articles in papers if NMB was to behave like this. Your bank has no competition in it’s market ndosaka, otherwise in the commercial sector one slip and there is a stampede.

    I know I worked for Stanbic, izvi hazviitwe

  7. Joe Black, what humour my friend. You have made what was meant to be a dull Tuesday morning hilarious.

    You do realise that if you hadn’t bet on the Ashes & Liverpool you would feel the pinch. Like Andy T says you have to ambush someone or something & brother you have been ambushed!!!!!!!

    Liverpool suck! He he he

  8. Okay, okay I get it, I’m also going to find someone to ambush. I just don’t want to be seen profiteering from the current economic situation…that sucks!

    Liverpool rule, we just happened to suck on Sunday. Crouch? Whatever!

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