Sucks to be me

Okay, so I may be feeling a bit sorry for meself this Monday morning. Gawd, what a crap weekend! Sitting at home, doing nothing but watching telly and DVDs…that sucks!

Finally got to watch Coach Carter, that was alright, nothing like a good sports movie. Although the featurettes on the real Coach and his team were more interesting. But that wasn’t the low-light of my weekend, good folks. I saw Vin Diesel in The Pacifier, and what a load of tripe that was! I mean, is this guy for real? Talk about a career-killer?!?!

Okay, maybe that’s an overreaction but seriously, It’s been a while since I watched a really painful movie, and that has to rank down there with the worst of ’em.

Back to the matter at hand, I missed Rock Down Harare, how I was so looking forward to that (there’s something about rock concerts. y’know? drunk white chicks…) *and* I missed my beloved Western Province getting wired by the Bulls *and* I missed Liverpool’s bore-draw with ManUre. That’s why my weekend sucked. No sex. No alcohol. No sport. Just telly, movies, babies, books and guitar practice. Sucks to be me….