Rewind, man selecta!

So I’m sitting here chained to my desk listening to Buju singing Batty Rider. Awesome tune, and it’s got me thinking: where in Harare can you listen to sweet old tunes, not necessarily by genre but just feel-good, memory-invoking, foot-tapping massive tunes?

I’ve only had good vibes at Circus on a Friday, and of course at Cousin’s (that’s Tipperary’s to the uninitiated). Wouldn’t it be nice to just throw an old-school party? By old-sk I mean nothing recorded after, say, 1995? Cancel out the last ten years of bubblegum pop, fake-ass rappers (Lil’ jon? what the feck is that?) and all that Goonit mess.

I’ma throw a party one of these days, throw down some of that Buju Banton, Chaka Demus et al, Lakeside, Ronnie Hunt, Cameo, Kool G Rap, Eric B & Rakim, Dre, Pac, Westside Connection, BBD, New Edition, oh damn I get chills just thinkin about it. Rewind back to the blazer boy (thanks TKM) days, my people, and just feel the music.

Now, wouldn’t you come a party like that? Time to get organising, AT!

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6 Replies to “Rewind, man selecta!”

  1. Cool dude, just do us proud & not get the only dj’s in Harare Dee Vine & Dee Nice & kindly ensure that the ratio of balls to tits is favourable

  2. Don’t you worry, I’ll set up the playlist myself. If any DJs come by, it would be real peeps like KayCee, Felix the Kat, know what I mean? Not these young “G’s” wh really ain’t shit…
    And don’t you worry about ratio, with our combined efforts, I’m sure we can get a large number of hotties there!

  3. Talking abt Felix the Kat I flew with him to Jbg last.. week and he says he is plannin a big old skool gig with George Bhiza (formely Munetsi) in Dec .. anyway Joe what happened to my “party” – myb we could do an old school party at Belgravia Sports Club 🙂

  4. Yeah, that sounds like fun. Iwe we can combine our efforts and throw this gig. Just give us a time when you’re actually in the country and we’ll hook up.

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