That road won’t jog itself

So I went for a jog at lunchtime. No, that’s not true. I meant to go for a jog at lunchtime. I made it out my gate.

I stretched, stood around for five minutes, then came back into the house and resumed position on the couch.

How do I explain this behaviour? I can’t. I tried, I really did. I dressed like Sports Billy. I did the necessary stretchings, all the obligatory warm-ups and cool-looking stuff you think sporty people should be doing.

But I didn’t jog. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This is the perfect time to get fit, as I’ve gained a little girth over the Hols, and I’m on leave for the month so really have nothing else to do.

Wait, I know. I’ll try again now. It’s cooler now. There’s a nice moist breeze. Could even be rain later. Wait, did I say rain?

Who wants to get rained on? Not me. Let me see.

I’ll decide in an hour.

16 Replies to “That road won’t jog itself”

  1. Buying a rowing machine from Ok Mart. well done on the effort. will check in with you regularly.

  2. Anyone wanna make bets on how long JB’s getting into shape will last. Proceeds go to sponoring JB Keg visits. 🙂

    Me, I did away with prospectively setting New Year’s resolutions yonks ago. They never work. Full-proof way to abject failure – I recall JB setting a similar resolution before (Oh, how’s the being thankful in 2011 been). I choose to, at the end of the year, assess the year’s significant achievements, and retrospectively set the respective year’s ‘resolutions’. Never fails!

    But good luck to all with their resolutions, especially those bold enough to openly share them. JB, I hear that after a while, you will be addicted to running daily, so keepp at it man.

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