The Italian Job

So the Tokwe-Mukosi dam is a rubbish job.

What was set to be the country’s largest inland dam has become the biggest disaster in recent times.

How did it come to this?

Construction started in the nineties, ground to a halt around 2002. When the GNU came about, it started up again, but has been faltering ever since.

There’ve been delays in relocating villagers, pissed off with the paltry amounts being offered to move to Nuanetsi. There’ve been issues paying the contractor, Salini Impregilo J.V. of Italy.

Whatever the case, we need answers. The recent heavy rainfall has caught ZINWA with their pants down, and led to the loss of lives and property. Who is to blame?

Who is doing what? Who hasn’t been paid? Who HAS been paid and failed to do their job, or done it shoddily? Is it the Italians (who helped build Kariba) or are there local sub-contractors involved? Who hires who? Who signed what, and when? Where does the buck stop?

You’re the ones always talking of “looking East”. Well, follow your own example in this case.

If this was China, someone would have been executed already.

Heads must roll.

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