20 Replies to “The Italian Job”

  1. football dont suck nigga, just LIVERPOOL and their poor fans for not knowing any better

  2. Liverpool’s rocks, all you haters can go to hell and fry rocks :-). That stupid ref robbed us of our full 45 seconds. Vavengi hamuperi

  3. To be fair though. Liverpool has more European cups than any other English club, and at least we have it permanently in our silverware cupboard as kudos for having won it 5 times.

  4. And for those ManUre haters, ManU has won the cup the same number of times as Nottingham Forest.

  5. By the time next season starts who will care that are were in the final? Lucky for u, u were in the top four of the premiership

  6. ma also ran munonetsa stereki. ManUre has the dubious distinction of being the frontrunner in the most appearances in the group stages, but not progressing much further. Rafa has done more in his few seasons than you so called Sir Alex

  7. theres no denying Liverpool have a good record in Europe, but hey, you might win some, BUT U’VE JUST LOST one…

    dont be such sore losers. you lost so many premiership games anyway so you must be well accustomed to disappointments and defeats. GET OVER IT!!!

  8. Joe, seeing as you are so into Violet Moyo I thought you would appreciate this dude: http://www.myspace.com/9jazblakjesus -the Nigerian answer to our Vi (check out his rendition of This is y im hot). This is hilarious I think he and Vi should hook up for a duet.

  9. Thanks star, I’ve seen this arsehole on tv doing that thing, he’s just a wannabe and he doesn’t even come close to my Violet 🙂

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