My name-sake is suffering

Like, are there actually TWO of us from the same town with the same name?

“Begging here pays us a lot more than when we beg at home. We cannot do any other kind of job and begging is our only way out of the economic blues that are biting Zimbabwe,” said Joseph Ruzvidzo from Chegutu.

Ruzvidzo said they got free bus rides to Johannesburg from bus drivers who were sympathetic to them because of their disability.

Somebody please arrest this man for impersonation!

12 Replies to “My name-sake is suffering”

  1. Joe, you ever consider that YOU may in fact be the imposter. Maybe parallel worlds have touched through some random universal event. 🙂

  2. JB, oh well, that puts paid to my theory that a few youthful wild oats may have been sown by your progenitor.

  3. chirungu tinosvisvina shamwari. ma dictionary acho tichidya futi. tozoti manje ku noza kwacho. iwe! hauzomboda.

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