The Mating Habits of the African Dickhead

You would think, in 2011, that niggers would have learnt their lesson. But no, they haven’t. A fool really is born every minute. There are men walking around Harare, insistent that the women on their arms are chaste virgins, too modest to speak to the men they meet, too pure to give another guy the time of day night.

Listen, boys, if your girlfriend (if only for the night) is a waitress, it stands to reason that she will have male customers. And if you bring your girlfriend (if only for the night) out to the pub, she will hug them.

Don’t get upset.

If you’re gonna date a waitress, and I have NOTHING against waitresses, it stands to reason that she’ll be friendly with her male customers. If you bring her to the rugby bar, she will be popular, she will greet people, and she will hug men.

If you’re insecure, or if your game ain’t tight, and you can’t handle the above scenarios, please, please, PLEASE don’t date a waitress. Cos the fact is you WILL get pissed off, you’ll start acting like a dickwad and your waitress could tell you to go screw yourself.

I’m just saying.

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  1. Sigh! A damn shame! That, in this day and age, women have to be ‘popular’ in bars. Like she in heat or something. Like she fair game or something. Let me ask you this JB, you mean to honestly tell me that if your other half was said waitress or pub punter, you wouldn’t be moved? You seriously wouldn’t even want to react (if you’re a pacifist)? Granted, there are two scenarios I can think of in which a man would react as above. 1) The man gets jealous or feels threatened. 2) The man thinks women should be treated better. Which would you be, JB? I see no shame in a man expecting that his partner be treated with respect. I know, it’s another thing if she is a very outgoing woman who is usually like that. But can we be sure that society has not made it so, that women in such environments are expected to behave in a certain way. And when (truly) given the choice, without the peer(-ish) pressure, they would still choose to behave in that way?

    Just saying!

  2. “That, in this day and age, women have to be ‘popular’ in bars. Like she in heat or something. Like she fair game or something.” What the hell are you talking about? Nobody ever said a woman HAS to be popular, or anything like that.

    This is the typical straw man argument; you create a fictional straw-man, like putting words in my mouth I never said, then proceed to bash that straw-man, like you have a point. WTF?

  3. Does it help if I replace ‘HAS to be’ with ‘are bound to be ‘, just to mirror YOUR ‘she will be’ popular.

    I meant that it sounds like the women are bound to be popular, regardless of whether they want to or not. Like, if you a girl in this pub, you WILL be popular.

    I don’t know! We’ve established you’re hatering. Still, you haven’t answered my question.

  4. You have? Who am I hatering on? PUH-LEASE! Just cos you don’t understand doesn’t mean I’m “hatering”.

    SO, to make you understand; the fact that she’s a waitress (in said pub) means she’s bound to be known by the patrons of the pub.

    I don’t know, maybe you go to places regularly, and you don’t know the people who serve you. Do you understand now?

    Tsk! Ignorance.

  5. How could you take it any other way? Unless you read it with feminist blinkers on, I don’t see how you could be so … ignorant!

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