It’s HIFA time again

Got a preliminary programme from the HIFA 2011 okes yesterday. To be honest, there’s nothing hugely exciting on there in the way of international talent.

Over the years, the Harare International Festival of the Arts was one of the only events at which we could be guaranteed quality, world-class talent. There was always that one huge artist, the show everyone wanted to see.

This year, hmmm. Nothing. In fact, I’d have settled for one of the bigger South Africans, like Hugh Masekela or someone. But no, so far there’s nothing, so I guess I’ll have to enjoy what they have.


7.30 – 8.40 pm HIFA 2011 Opening – Trea$Ure
9 – 10 pm Clare Nyakudya and The Other Four



7.30 – 8.30 pm Chiwoniso Maraire & Victor Kunonga
10.15 – Midnight Jason Le Roux



12.30 – 1.30 pm Tony Cox And Steve Newman
1 – 2 pm Josh Meck and Asali
7.30 – 8.40 pm Tcheka



7 – 8 pm Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka – Acoustic Set
10.15 – 11.15 pm Publish The Quest Special Appearance
11.15 pm – 1.30 am DJ Marvin



12.30 – 1.30 pm Winky D
10.15 – 11.15 pm Mic Inity
11 pm – Midnight Real Sounds Of Africa
Midnight – 1.30 am DJ Ray Dizz And DJ Rax



8.30 – 9.45 pm Moke with Chiwoniso Maraire
10 pm – Midnight Busi Ncube and Ivan Mazuze


That’s about it. I’m yet to go through the full list with Minnie, and of course everything here is just music, I haven’t even looked at the various theater productions yet.


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  1. Yes this looks like the most unexciting HIFA program in a while, at least from a music point of view! Not sure what the I=international stands for this year!

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