The spirit is willing …

An important lesson was cemented for me this week: never pass judgement on ‘clear and shut cases’ because there are always material facts that have been omitted. So Pius has finally come out and admitted to his shenanigans and getting down with some OPP.

Now this blows on two fronts; not only did he break his vow of celibacy (which really is too tall a command for some of our brothers because zvinhu zvinotapira, I cannot tell a lie) but to then compound it by borrowing someone else’s wife in the process? I guess his reasoning was if you are going to commit a crime you might as well go the whole nine yards, in for a penny in for a pound as some would say. Why do things in half measures?

Still though, I really think that the Catholic Church needs to give up on this celibacy fallacy because it does them no favours, especially when no other denomination makes such heavy demands on its clergy. Are they surprised then that numbers of new recruits are falling? Hell, there is only so far that Palm-ela can take you, and all those little boys who are then inadvertently put on the firing line, all those altar boys who have to dodge those bullets.

So I say bring on the skanky hoes, ngatidyei tese because abstinence is one thing, self-delusion another.

On a personal note, I have made the symbolic gesture of cutting up my credit card to break the cycle of debt. I am tired of the credit card having me by the figurative balls every month and of being beholden to greedy egotistical malingering little paper pushing parasites.

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  1. So you reckon the abstinence thing is outdated? Why? Isn’t it the one thing which is ust so uniquely Catholic, as to be part of the Church’s brand identity?

    Never mind the diddling of altar-boys, orphans and wives … 🙂

  2. Historically though the priests werent celibate, they were supposed to be chaste. They had wives and families. Although just the one wife was permitted. With the problems that women cause I cant understand why anyone would want more than one.

  3. So, is everyone on a holiday hangover or what? No I’m not coming to vote JB I never have.

  4. Guess so, how are ya? I figured you weren’t.

    You can’t understand why anyone would want more than one wife? Really?

    Three guess?

  5. Yes, how can it not. All that running around, trying to remember who you told what lies to, knowing that no matter how skilful you are you are going to get caught, and then all those high maintenance women with expensive habits dzevanobatira pamusoro, then the loose cannon women who tell you that the baby is yours and that you should tell your wife about it or she will, the chances of getting and STD more serious than someothing a penicillin shot will take care of, the incessant demands for attention and recognition from the small house. URGH who needs that drama.

    How many mistresses successfully cross over to being the no. 1 wife? Coz most men go by that 80/20 rule. wifey:80%, others 20%, you dont leave 80 for 20. Unless of course you should have your own bed in an Ingutsheni ward. Or just didnt learn enough arithmetic in school.

  6. Now if you think that minor missive is EMOTIONAL, well, you need to see me in full megaphone diatribe mode.

    ‘Vote wisely’. LOL. Tell that to the people who would wish for the status quo to be maintained.

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