This is why I’m laughing

So I was (as always) trawling the Internets this morning, looking fro something to relieve the tedium of daily life. Having awaked at three (said: free, afrikaansie-like) I was bored stiff, so a likkle humour was in order. Found: the Fafblog – Link

FACT! Barack Obama has been friends with Rashid Khalidi, an openly Arab Arab who is so Arab he writes about other Arabs. Is Barack Obama part of the international Arab conspiracy to trick white people into thinking about Arabs? Answer: also maybe.

This is some extremely hilarious shit (for me anyway), and I mean laugh-out-loud spew-coffee-out-nostrils funny (for me anyway). I know political humour is dated, and you’re prolly jaded and can’t wait for the whole thing to be over and for BHO to win and just Get On With Saving The World already.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend Vim; have a good one, love.

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  1. Uhm, well, maybe, but even if I focus on things at home, there is NO news coming out, NO ideas what will happen, NO jokes to be made … boring.

    Besides, home politics is depressing.

    So it’s about to piss down HARD with the first rains, it appears.

  2. Joe jus read your previous post now… some strange feelings you got right there.. but hard work rewards yes kune “makorokoza” but lots of pple have also managed to seize oppurtunities and make the best out of them in a decent way… dont try and criminalise the sweat and the toil. The IT business hasnt died in Zim and you can grow yourself in that area without thinking that everyone is dealing in stones and forex… stop complaining and look for the gaps to make the decent God fearing bucks you appreciate!!

  3. Oh please just fuck off with your patronising. You totally missed the entire post. I wasn’t railing against everyone who’s “made it”, nor was I criminalising the sweat and the toil.

    I was railing against the korokozas, not saying everyone who made it is a korokoza. Get it right.


  4. Joe the fact remains you need to stop whining and look for gaps and make money!! The world isnot gonna stop one inch for you bra… my point is why are you so concerned about how Phidza is making money and soundind all holier than thou.. get off your lazy butt boy… pple in Zim hve moved forward and are seizing oppurtunities.. we now hve new farmers and new miners.. and thats jus the way Zim is now boy.. deal with it.

  5. See? You have SPECTACULARLY missed the point. What you’re saying is we shouldn’t care that other people are engaged in illegal activities? Is that what you’re saying?

    So, in your book, don’t worry what everyone else is doing, just go about your business? That is incredibly myopic Andy Tee, by any standards.

    The day we stop holding everyone to the same standard of accountability is the day we descend into chaos and basic anarchy. And please, don’t be silly, just because I’m not driving a fucking beamer doesn’t make me lazy.

  6. Joe the bottomline is things are changing in Zim right now and yes all these korokoza activities are going to end I am not advocating for them. My advice to you as myopic as it may seem to you my brother get off your butt and seize the oppurtunities.. everyone in Zim has been involved in illegl activites the only difference is the scale.. who hasnt traded in forex.. you jus being bitter for nothing and missing the chance to drive a beamer and a Range Rover by opening your eyes and working harder..

  7. Dude, you don’t seem to be paying attention. You talk about illegal activities, then you talk about working harder.

    THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! I can carry on working hard in my chosen field, or I can engage in quasi-fiscal activities (hehehe) and take the short way out.

    What is your fucking advice? Beacuse you seem muddled.

  8. Boys, boys, now now. Whether a korokoza or professional you get to your destination either way but its your own morality which controls you handiti? The bottom line is Joe-what are you willing to do for money?

  9. Ini ndiri mwana waheadmaster shamwari, I’m sticking to the straight and narrow. My point is just because I’m on the narrow path doesn’t mean I’m a) lazy and b) I shouldn’t criticise those doing illegal shit.

    Cos that’s what Andy Tee is implying, and that really pisses me off 🙂

  10. Anyway I rest my case the bottomline is baba you have to adapt to the new Zimbabwe.. and make money period… and if you didnt know the Keg’s dont hve a license to sell in forex so its illegal to buy in forex at the Keg’s something you will be doing tonite!!

  11. LOL. I won’t be held liable for paying in forex if they don’t have a licence. They’ll take the flak. And no, I doubt I’ll visit the Kegs tonight.

    Saving myself (read: money) for Rock Down Harare tomorrow.

  12. Not everyone aspires to drive a beamer or a Range Rover. For some, the simple aim is to earn enough for a decent living.

  13. So I am going to be lame and give myself a shout out for my birthday today! I get to leave my twenties behind.

  14. Just another day in just another year. no sweat. Ask me that question again in 10 years, I might have a more comprehensive response.

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