This makes a nice change…

Shirts - optimisticIt’s been a strange week, ladies and gentle-folk. For the first time in a long time, I actually have nothing to complain about! Granted, Zimbabwe still sucks ass, power blackouts continue, prices rise daily and it’s cold as feck; despite all this, I can still find time to appreciate life. That’s why I’m taking this chance (for once) to be thankful for a few of the good things in life, like…

– heaters. Dunno how I’d survive winter without them, especially now that I spend most of my nights at home instead of the warm pub.
– a loving girlfriend. Nothing beats the comfort of knowing that no matter what, someone out there isn’t tired of your shit. For now.
– Madam and Eve. For keeping me sane.
– broadband internet. For all sorts of reasons, including providing a livelihood and a source of endless entertainment.
– nieces and nephews. Unconditional love is a wonderful thing. Wait, are sweets a condition?
– true friends. In short supply, but they’re out there.
– and finally, web-cams. Don’t ask.

This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my cynicism. There’s still a lot of things that get on my tits, but in the midst of the rubble one can always find something positive (no matter how difficult that is).

And it’s hard to be an arsehole when you’re happy.

22 Replies to “This makes a nice change…”

  1. What would I do without out – and yah of cause we have to appreciate

  2. ah ini Im thankful for Supersport veduwee, Marvin Gaye and obviously Durbs by da Sea

  3. so does this mean that we are to no longer get status updates since you fell off your abstinence bandwagon?

  4. proper biltong. no one does biltong like the natives. Every where else its ‘beef jerky’. Like whatthe(expletive censored)

  5. Viole(n)t Moyo has struck again! Sexy back! She dont wear thongs coz they make her bum itchy. I ask you.

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