This will end badly

Morgan held a rally in Chitungwiza yesterday, and he was quoted as saying this.

“Despite winning the election last year, I let the old man be the president and I the Prime Minister just for the sake of the country.”

As you can imagine, this has probably not gone down well in the halls of State House Uncle’s new residence.

That’s fighting talk where I come from!

In other news, Maxi Priest is coming to Zimbabwe.

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  1. If they can raise enough money to feed all the “delegates”, that is. Apparently there’s a few cash-flow problems, who’d have thunk it?

  2. “I let the old man be the president and I the Prime Minister just for the sake of the country … ”

    Fucking forgive me but I bloody thought this was about the people of this country and not about MT and Bob splitting the cake … when did the issue switch from what the electorate want to being about what Bob and MT agree on behind closed does? When was the last time MT and the MDC LISTENED to what the people who voted them in want instead of them TELLING the people what they and Zany have decided to do?

    Smoke and flaming mirrors … thats what this nonsense is, tchk!

  3. no it’s politics. peeps gave Morgan the mandate then he makes decisions based on that.

    Zanu is very silly. Was getting an education on how efficient the ANC business machine is and how they make so much loot. Zanu left it to Mnangagwa and the Joshis but where are all the millions. The ANC is a rich party and will continue to be so because of their facilitation et aliter. Another example is Dos Santos mob in Angola with their petro dollars they will be there forever.

    I think ZAnu hates MDC because they are able to mobilise more loot and get it easily. Shem, shame, sham.

  4. No no no Mos Nav, MT speaks to the people and gets his ideas from them, tries to implement them as best he can and (if needed) works a compromise position where available.

    Zanu actually holds forums and tells people what’s best for them, which turns out to be what’s best for the elite.

    So I hear Julius Malema is quite a wealthy chap … does he have any discernible skills? Qualifications? Where does he earn his money?

  5. @BD – the ANC studied the Broederbond well, same tricks, different skin colour.

    @JB – if there was to be a flash referendum right now, amongst the ordinary folk who have been voting MT since 2000, on the GNU, do you think that the majority will vote in favour?

    Dont know where you going with the Jules comment but;
    Young Jules is seizing the moment. Whatever your opinion of him might be, he has more media and political clout than anyone his age in SA, and relatively, possibly in the whole world. Whatever skills he has or doesnt have, they work!
    Tell me any one young’un, in any country, who can proportionally, rouse up their country the way Jules does every time he opens his mouth?

  6. Loving the manner in which JB is defending MT. Like he voed for him and attends the rallies. 🙂

    IF needed, my ass. From where I’m sitting, MT is the biggest compromiser I know. When he doesn’t compromise, he backs out with the best of reasons. Can’t think of a time where he actually firmly held his ground. I’m just sayin!

  7. Hey, my vote is my secret, at least WOULD have been my secret if I’d actually been allowed to cast it.

    What irks me is the ease with which some Zimbos castigate MT, saying he’s this, he’s that, he’s failed this, failed that … yet they have NO IDEA what they would do in his place, and NO CONTRIBUTIONS on what the way forward is.

    I prefer to applaud his political courage, and whilst taking everything he says with obvious scepticism, give him the leeway to try operate as best he can in the environment he finds himself, knowing he has my interests in mind.

    I’m not saying blindly trust your pols, which cult has led us to our current situation in Zimbabwe, but that we hold them to the same standard we hold ourselves.

    If we ourselves are studies in political cowardice, we can’t excoriate our chosen politicians for failing to display that courage which is so lacking in ourselves.

    They work for us, remember. As far as I’m concerned, MT’s doing my work for me, to the best of his ability.

    If you think he’s a shoddy example, fucking do something.

  8. morgan was playing golf so that was the excuse for not attending a national heroes funeral… i mean come on, he’s from bhuhera, does that even have a golf course?? respect the national heroes, afterall, they dead!

  9. this is really funny. other than Black and me how many of you cats live in Zim – I guess zero.

    I voted for Morgan Tsvangirai in every election in which he has been a candidate and will do so again and again.

    politics is an impossible task. the one thing that I know is a reality is that everyday that the MDC remains in government is one extra day that they are trying to make life better for the Zimbabwean people. this better is something that is manifest in how the country is undergoing a fundamental change and this is not manifest in the rhetoric and battles of politicians or in the abundance of goods on shops. It’s about the medicines in the hospitals and the ambition of people – yes that is important for once peeps have more to think about than living day by day.

    I am a self declared Morgan Tsvangirai apologist and have no qualms in saying that. I challenge those who think he is a bad politician to name one that they admire.

    As for him playing golf on a so called hero’s burial – come on. Hero to who? Who defines what a hero is? Is Ndabaningi Sithole not a hero? Is Jairos Jiri not a hero? Is Lookout Masuku not a hero? Is James Chikerema not a hero? Then again Border Gezi is a hero; Hitler Hunzvi is a hero.

  10. Wait, playing golf? Tell me something, who said he was playing golf? The Herald. Did they take a photo of him walking into the club-house with bag in hand? No. On the course? No.

    They took a photo of three guys from a kilometre away, for all you know it could have been fucking Hunzvi risen playing on that course.

    Grow up, fastfred.

  11. Buffdaddy with respect to your “I am a self declared Morgan Tsvangirai apologist and have no qualms in saying that. What is qualmish and questionable is your self-respect, perspective, sensibilities and intelligence. To declare yourself another man’s apologists and that man being a politician is either simply irresponsible talk or the height of low self esteem. Besides the obvious that Morgan does not pander to your whims, Morgan is the PM purely to advance his cause and his ambitions, from o level drop out to PM. ( sound familiar with tea boy to governor?, or failed scientist to DPM, or wanted political scientist fraudster to minister?)

    I wonder why the majority of people (fools!) vote and support a man to do for them what they have failed to do for themselves. And when their “hero” fails to deliver they become apologists and soon enough sycophants. This lunatic behaviour is made worse by the belief that one has done a national duty by simply voting. Continue to build this house of cards and vote for him in the next elections, and i will bet my last penny when the house of cards is puffed away you will become a REVISIONIST.

  12. @ACM – Fuck! I agree with you.

    @JB – Politics For Dummies. No politician does anything for you.

    @BD – Your declarations make me cringe. Terribly.

    @Tara – thats a bored white ex-Rhodesian.

  13. Right, let’s get one thing straight, here and now.

    A-CM, you say in your post that BD’s statements are “either simply irresponsible talk or the height of low self esteem”. Then you go and rant about “fools” and their failures to do for themselves, sycophants etc.

    Now, I don’t know who you think you are, but if you have failed to argue the facts and advance your opinions, resorting to insult and contempt is unwelcome.

    I don’t know who made you the prefect of all fucking comment, but if you don’t respect other people’s rights to hold and express their opinions, you’re no different from the very politicians you claim to despise.

    BuffDaddy expressed his opinion, notwithstanding the fact that it tallies with mine in some way, it’s not up to you to judge his opinions and declare them foolish.

    If you have no opinion of your own to offer, and are not willing to debate on the merits of his arguments, please, feel free to fuck off.


  14. @Joe Black

    my post may appear abrasive and insulting, of course this would happen if one simply didn’t fully comprehend. I said its “questionable”, providing a wide margin of error….it was not conclusive.

    I have never been one to insult a man and truly incapable of drawing my sword. However, its well within my literal right to insult a man’s ideas and thoughts. BD’s ideas on this one are quite dangerous with all the hall marks of a chinotimba in the making. i simply chided the fellow….

    Marget Dongo did worse, to men she knew!!!! (to answer your question-who am i? answer: Marget Dongo’s protege)

  15. It’s not insulting to “question” someone’s intelligence? Don’t be silly. As for Margaret Dongo, she was a hysterical windbag flailing about for a ticket on the gravy train, and became a bitter shell after she lost it.

  16. This is so funny. It’s a good thing that I was in Nyanga over the weekend and got some fresh air. hmm where to start:

    “I wonder why the majority of people (fools!) vote and support a man to do for them what they have failed to do for themselves”

    OK on that piece of drivel, what have I failed to do for myself. I live in Zimbabwe, pay my taxes, vote and employ people. Am I meant to become the president of Zim. Maybe one day but not right now – so that’s why I vote for someone who I believe will carry out what I believe in and what I want. It’s called politics. Have you ever voted in an election ACM and Mos Native.

    You idiots still have not answered two questions I have raised before:

    1.Do you live in Zimbabwe?
    2. Which politician do you admire

    I will add a third:

    3. What has Morgan Tsvangirai failed at.

    Finally I can’t help but paraphrase: Great minds attack ideas, small minds attack individuals.

  17. 1: in the grand scheme of issues what does that have to do with the debate at hand?
    2: none, but its worth reading and understanding the treatise of the following with regards to politics:
    a) Karl Popper: open society and its enemies
    b) Alexis de torcoquiville: democracy in America
    c)Friedrich von Hayek: road to seifdom
    d: My own experience
    3: Morgan has failed to do what he promised to achieve in 1999, exactly 10 years ago. do you need to be reminded on what he set out to do? but as the apologist you would be well acquainted right?

  18. BD expressed a few opinions which, IMO, deservedly got mauled by ACM. Im not a fan of the personal tone of the comment and the insults thrown in, but, I agree with ACMs sentiment, particularly the notion that being an apologist for a politician, any politician, has been the root of a lot of mischief.

    Of course I voted. Pray tell, after the sham that was the 2000 elections, did you still think that the electoral process was going to effect a change of guard in Zimbabwe?

    1. I do not live in Zimbabwe; I hope though that you do not believe that being in Zimbabwe confers a higher state of citizenship or indicates a deeper patriotism than us who do not – it does not.

    2. I do not admire any politician, or any person for that matter. But yes, there are certain actions taken and ideas proposed, by numerous people, some of whom were/are politicians, which I hold in high regard. But I still believe it to be folly to then blindly follow any one of these people or their ideas.

    3. What ACM said. BTW, a GNU was not on the agenda in 1999.

  19. 1. it has a lot to do with the debate because our distance from ground zero shapes our beliefs. second hand reports and hearsay do not qualify as the reality of the day.

    2. Right so you say that all politicians are rubbish and espouse philosophers’s and economists’s theories in the search of some utopian bliss. Some of us live in the here and now and accept the flaws of the systems, the leaders and our heroes.

    2a) – Haven’t read that wut are the key points
    2b) – The MDC is strongly in favour of liberty and equality
    2c) – The MDC believes in the notion that government is an enabler to business and is contrary to Zany’s central planning (read quasi fiscal interventions, nationalisation, parastals, et aliter.
    2d) – I can only comment on what I know. They say caring is sharing

    3. Would like to hear them from you. Failure in politics is not like “which car goes first car A, car B, car C” at the VID. If you live in a world of complete absolutes then everything and everyone is a failure.

  20. @ACM I happily say apologist because the ACM’s and Mos_Native’s of this world complain about everything he does. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Has Tsvangirai made mistakes absolutely and I expect him to make more. But I detest the negativity of commentators who proffer no solutions nor valid alternatives.

    1. My comment on living in Zimbabwe is stated supra.

    2. So who are these politicians

    3. Being in power to effect change in the lives of Zimbabwean people was on the agenda in 1999. Ministry of health and Finance are two ministries where change is happening.

  21. 1) Your ground zero is akin to a maggot in a pile of dung and is utterly convinced the world is made of dung…it maybe be so, that a microscopic understanding of the situation will provide useful insight. however this is soon lost as the scientist becomes a self professed apologist who disregards all manner of instruments and swears by the smell of morgan’s arse.
    2)Instead of paraphrasing wiki the following might be useful:
    a)Popper: it does not matter who rules but rather of great importance is how they rule and what they rule.
    b) Alexis: tyranny comes in many forms, most common is tyranny of the majority.
    c)Hayek: its collective wisdom with the best intentions and selfless motives in a collective that always leads to totalitarian state. ( remember how morgan led to the break away faction, disregarding all arithmetic and democratic norms which they swear by)
    d) read my works anti-capitalist mantra.
    3)you have obviously jumped from apologist to revisionist. to help your memory- remember MDC’s 15 point objectives, after ten years how many of them have they achieved? its all lip service and now they have changed their own constitution to ensure Morgan stays more than the 2 terms.

  22. @BD a clean sponge put in dirty water quickly absorbs the dirty. its evident that MDC is a clean sponge that has entered 30years of dirty waters. By being apologists we allow the MDC to nicely soak and absorb the filthy and soon enough we will not be able to tell the difference. (e.g the cars for the MP’s)

    Given the alternatives the grand solution at this moment is held by Madhuku, a new constitution determined by all society and not the privilege of the select politicians is most certainly a first step. What is pompous is for Morgan to vouch for an exclusive process made by “people’s representatives” when opposition to this in 1999 is what led to the prominence of the MDC. Zanu pf called for a new constitution back then, and argued the MP’s should determine the content. civil society led by Morgan argued this is folly of the highest kind since a time immemorial constitute cannot be determined by current MP’s with a limited time span.

    sorry but has the agenda for the MDC changed since 1999? they signed the GPA and told their followers it was temporary and a new constitution would set the pace for new elections. Perhaps i am being pompous in asking; 2010 is around the corner and there is hardly any evidence or show of intention that an all inclusive constitution will be in place and elections will happen.

    US the pompous lot not on ground zero, can look into the VATE, and can see a filthy sponge. Perhaps the apologists are contend with just knowing the sponge can still float……

  23. MDC are a case study in politics. Zimbabweans, similar to “the people” the world over, sorely lack a political education.

    The game was over the day the dithering buffoons were tripping over each over to ‘explain’ why they HAD TO accept the mercs and the BT250s …

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