What is the problem?

I have been a football fan all my life, and have never seen a club with so much potential yet so little ambition as Liverpool.

Is it that we hold so many domestic titles and so many European titles, we’ve just stopped fecking caring? Is there so little ambition to achieve because we hold the records for the most anythings by any English club, ever?

Is it that the current team is so dependent on Gerrard and (or) Torres that without both, everything goes to shit?

Is it the coach, who has managed to assemble a steady first team but with no viable backup for each position?

Is it the Yanks, who have failed to back the coach with robust transfer spend while bickering amongst themselves and flirting with arabic buyers?

Is it us, the fans, who expect more than we should from what could just be a mediocre team with random flashes of brilliance?

I’m confused.

4 Replies to “What is the problem?”

  1. Its pretty simple, but rather annoying to fans who usually believe a team’s success is directly commensurate with the number of cheers.

    THERE ARE BETTER TEAMS THAN LIVERPOOL AT THE MOMENT in every respect: so play your heart out, bring in the loot, more players etc but as long as the other teams are doing things better than you then success is a long way off.

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