Tonight should be interesting!

I woke up this morning, smiled with the rising sun.

And felt an instant, paralysing, choking craving for a beer. A nice cold brew, enjoyed slowly in front of a TV showing either rugby or anything with Jessica Alba in it.

So I told Her, and she smiles at me, and I ask her if that makes me an alcoholic, and she mumbles something incoherent in reply. Probably “Oh hells yeah, motherfecker.”

Really though, I haven’t been drinking much beer for the last few months, for two reasons. Firstly, my beer baby has been growing, and this is one of the measures to try and control the paunch. My choice, before you ask.

Secondly, I’m pretty annoyed with beer pricing in Zimbabwe. If a Miller costs $1,20 in the shops, I don’t want any part of it. And with the fecking Keg raising the prices ($2,50 really?) and Symphony being Symphony ($3,00) I generally tend to stray … towards whisky.

Yes, the Famous and Red Label and Grant’s are singing my song, with either a Schweppes or (God forbid) Chele tonic water on the side.

But the way I’m feeling now, struggling against deadline and with tummy grumbling about lunch, I would absolutely murder an ice cold Zambezi Premium Export Lager.

Well, maybe not today’s stomach-churning diarrhoea-inducing hangoverrific Zambezi, but pre-Delta-collapse Zambezi, that smooth sweet flow, that light crisp after-taste … that cheap price.

Am I an alcoholic? Not yet. Do I have appreciate good alcohol?

Hells yeah, motherfecker.

16 Replies to “Tonight should be interesting!”

  1. If it helps, beer doesn’t make you fat. It’s the damn Kebab(s) that you eat after a binge that gets you! Soooooo you can drink, but not eat. Although, you’d suffer the mother of all hangovers. But then, you wouldn’t be thirsty anymore. 😉

  2. Ah! I see! It’s all that Nando’s/Chicken Inn, and those bacon and egg sandwiches the morning after! And of course the obligatory sadza … I see!

  3. Dude you are only an alcomaholic if you go to meetings. i realised a long time ago that i love beer. not just any beer – lager, then stout, hate bitter but can tolerate real ale. don’t know if i can go back to drinking delta but a Zambezi can maybe tolerable. by the way i think you are a pussy boy for drinking millers.

  4. Pussy boy? Me? Miller is an awesome beer, and I like it, and being an adult, I make my own choices 🙂

    Besides, I refuse to be judged by anyone who drinks Hansa.

  5. Hansa, Pilsener, Bohlingers, Windhoek, Moonberg, Stella – those are the beers that I like in the world. There are others but those ones are very good – throw in Sam Adams as well

  6. I hate footie talk too. Well, except when things are going pear-shaped for Liverpool. Then I’m game for a bit.

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