The inevitable slide

I get annoyed quite easily, as some of you well know. Degrees of pissedoffness vary, and some of the shit is quite petty but I don’t care.

Take, for instance, Fridays. Getting dressed in the morning, I usually make sure to throw on a collared shirt cos, you know it’s Friday. Joy day. And you don’t wanna limit your options cos some places have a dress code.

Some places being Symphony.

Now, you might say why bovver, don’t bovver, go elsewhere. You haven’t been to Symphony on a Friday night lately. There aren’t many weeds in that garden. DJ Dean will be spinning heavy soul jams. My mates will be there.

But, and there is a but (and you know how I love buts) last week I got quite pissed cos I was sitting out close to the entrance, and could see all the pretty flowers when they came in (including my lovely fiancee).

There I was in my collared shirt and formal shoes, and couldn’t help notice the occasional sneakers here, t-shirt there, and it got me thinking.

feck this shit. What, you know the bouncer? The owner? What the hell? Once you see a place compromise on dress code, it’s going to shit, and I’ll say that to anyone’s face thank you very much.

Another thing … ladies were getting in there wearing the dodgiest shit, not least a crew who came in wearing (velvet) track-suits and sneakers. I mean, really? Really? Women don’t have a dress code? So what if she has a booty, don’t you know how ridiculous that looks in a place pretending to be upmarket?

Anyway, so this morning I said feck it, I’m not going there, I’ll do Stars or Judgement Yard or just get pissed or something. I’ll wear what I damn well want damn you, you ran out of whisky glasses last week, but you never know cos I have a couple of formal shirts down Her flat, maybe I’ll pop in but it don’t mean I’ve forgiven you.

O v-neck sweater, how I missed you so.

12 Replies to “The inevitable slide”

  1. holla at them – there is a facebook page.

    think the notion of dress code doesn’t work in Zim because you Zimbos have no respect

  2. No, we have respect. The problem is a few people who think they’re bigger than any establishment, and unfortunately the establishments let them, hats and all.

    Well, they lose my patronage. Their attitude would be it’s my loss. Still, I vote with my wallet.

  3. Fiancee? Really? Since when? And why the hell was this never mentioned in no uncertain terms?

    (Congratulations you you both if it is true)

  4. @Tara It’s true

    @JB – Seriously Zimbos have no respect. Just see what we wear to weddings, how we talk when someone else is on the PA. There are numerous examples.

  5. Tara, interesting kuti that’s all you see. LOL. You’re such a giiiiiirrrrrl. *duck*

    Yes it’s true, but anyway. I know Zimbos are difficult when it comes to following the dress code. My point is that any place that then allows people to flout said dress code shows not only disrespect for their own integrity, but for all the people who followed the rules.

    Standards, people. Standards.

  6. Yeah, I am such a ‘giiiiiirrrrrl’. But , probably in the way you are thinking. If you were thinking in the way that my access to you as an ‘option’ is fast becoming non-existent, then you are spot on. Are you spot on, JB?

  7. I hear you, I do concur with some statements written, its difficult for zimbos to dress up but guys somewhere along the line we got to start somewhere its not easy for us at Symphony to maintain this as like someone put it, some people think they r bigger than the establishment. But u got to give it to us for trying and it up to u as an individual if you want to be the guy who thinks u r bigger than the joint or the guy who just comes to have fun. PLIZ i would personally take any solutions and suggestions

  8. The funny thing Dean, is I ended up in Symphony anyway, as a first choice even. Wherever there’s black people there are always niggers, and they ruin it for everyone else.

    But it’s good to know our concerns are reaching the right people. You guys aren’t just trying, you’re leading the way, and we can only hope for brighter things for you.

    And you always have our support, you know that. Pamberi naDean, now we want another mix-tape.

  9. Dude, I hear you loud and clear and trust me, your comments never go unnoticed. We appreciate the love from those that support us and understand what we’re trying to do and would rather not have those that don’t get it. It’s a never ending work in progress, sometimes we get it right, others not quite so. Hopefully more of the former than the latter! Keep voting with your wallet from within 🙂

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