Way to ruin my holiday

Last night, someone broke into my house and stole my laptop.

Just my laptop. And my laptop bag, of course. And my other little Rhodes bag, with assorted stuff in it. Like, CDs and cables.

And a Cream Soda can from the fridge. And, apparently, a Miller Golden Draught.

So yeah, uhm … I’m fecked.

7 Replies to “Way to ruin my holiday”

  1. Eish, ma one. Sorry hako. Do you think it was an inside job? Coz hired help is not what it used to be.

  2. I’m really not going to speculate. Like I told the lady cop (fresh out of training, apparently) … my job is to report.

    Finding the culprit (and my shit) is their bit, innit.

  3. rough. I always find there is nothing as annoying as such specific robberies. Like, just before Christmas, someone broke into my cousin’s garage (which they use for storage) and stole all their December food shopping. The gall – they ate mince pies and left the cases on the freezer.

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